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a brief celebration of a milestone and what my new community of choice will be

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So I got bored and started looking at the views of my blogs to see whether I was just talking to air or people were actually reading. It was all small numbers, 15,16,21,18 etc. Then it hit one of my personal blogs, I believe it was the one about poems, and holy hell 100! One hundred people are actually interested in what I have to say? Wow. That's kind of amazing.

Now that home is gone, and a majority of us are just waiting around until November, we've all sort of split into different communities. So what's mine? I came to the decision that I would join the elder scrolls community. While I'm not really active on the wiki, I plan on pre ordering the elder scrolls online imperial edition ($100!) and becoming an avid player. So if you ever wanna meet on the there or the wiki my wiki name is - of course - crimsoncadavre. I'm afraid you'll have to earn my trust before you get my psn.

C.c out
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