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A story for DragonWoman

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You do a lot of stories for people so I thought I'd return the compliment.

When I look at the icy, dark and windy road, the elements strike me. Frozen and shaken, I found myself unable to move for the longest time. As I began to regain my senses; I begin to walk in no particular direction, hoping for anything, whether it would be a sign of life, shelter, anything to stay safe.

The weather was unrelenting, At this point, I was seeming to give up hope, when I saw a large cave in the distance. This made me think "Hmm. It is Shelter; at least." As I ran towards it, I heard a loud screech from the area which made me hesitate but in the end I still approached it.

Little did I know; I was in a dragon's lair. When I saw her in dragon form for the first time; I instinctively ran for the exit but she stopped me with her giant wing. I was still terrified, but she grabbed some flint and blew a little flame on it to make a small indoor campfire.

This was by far very unexpected, and by the time the stormy weather died down I would go out to find some food; but I would always return every day to give a small gift of appreciation. For she deserves recognition, for all the good things she does, on a regular basis.

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