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Beneath Spunland Mansion

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So back in my first blog post I mentioned a story taking place beneath Spunland Mansion. I've had the plot and dialogue all in my head for months now but a difficult project at work left me too exhausted to actually sit down and write it. Now that project has ended and its finally been typed up. I wouldn't expect too much though, I'm a (Spun) engineer, not a writer, lol. Anyway, here it is.

NOTE: This story takes place about one week before the shutdown of Playstation Home.

Harry and Andrew were walking through the hills surrounding Spunland. Up ahead they could see Spunland Mansion.

"Let's get an opening shot," said Harry.

"Ok," replied Andrew, raising a camera to his shoulder. "Ready in 3, 2, 1."

"This is Harry Draper of End Times News reporting from outside Spunland Mansion. Today we are going beneath the mansion to bring you the first look at the Kill Switch Counter- how was that?"

"Pretty good."


"So, when are we meeting our contacts?"

"He'll be along shorty."

"He?," asked Andrew, "I thought we were going in with a whole team."

"The station didn't think there was a story here so they wouldn't fund this but don't worry, this guy is mostly reliable and he isn't charging us. Speaking of which, here he is now. Hi Ren."

"Hi Harry."

"You remember my cameraman Andrew, right?"

"Sure. Hi Andrew."


"So Ren, aren't you missing something?," asked Harry.

"Missing something?", replied Ren.

"Your sword."

"My sword?"

"You know, from that 'There can be only Spun' pic you did."

"Oh!, the Moonslayer Sword."


"From that Spunlander thing."


"And the Spun Hopper."


"Yeah, that was a total fabrication."

Andrew groaned upon hearing this.

"Don't get me wrong, the Moonslayer Sword is a powerful weapon but it won't work on the Spun Hopper. Not much can, actually. That's why I brought this guy with me," Ren said, pointing above his head.

"What guy?," asked Harry, "I don't see any-, wait, what, what is that?"

"Its a Spun Imp."

Hovering over Ren's head, was a large blob with a tentacle like appendage on top and one eye in the center of its body. The creature was just barely visible, as if it didn't really exist at all. It bounced up and down, turning its body slightly with each bounce as if it was searching for something. For a brief moment it turned its one disinterested eye to the reporters but then quickly returned to its search.

"That's going to help us with the Spun Hopper?", asked Andrew.

"Oh yeah," replied Ren, "I use these guys all the time."

"I can barely see it," said Harry.

"Funny thing about Spun Imps, only people they've decided to hitch a ride with can see them easily. So, are you guys ready to head in?", asked Ren.

"Yeah, let's get going," said Harry.

"Oh, uhm, have you guys seen anyone else here?", asked Ren.

"No, why do you ask?", Andrew replied.

"There's a Flusho grazing at the other end of the mansion. Looks big enough to ride."

Harry and Andrew looked over at the mansion. In the distance, a creature, which looked like a toilet bowl, was walking around.

"Didn't notice that guy before," said Harry, "we haven't seen anyone around."

"Ok, let's head in then," said Ren.


The group traveled to the east wing of the mansion where they found an unlocked door.

"Andrew, why don't you just keep filming and we'll edit the whole thing later," said Harry.

"Ok," replied Andrew.

"This is how we got in last time. There's a ramp over here where we can head down," said Harry.

They decended two levels and exited into a dark corridor. The only light came from Andrew's camera and the occasional fixtures mounted near the ceiling. They turned right and headed down the hallway toward the center of the mansion.

"This is as far as we made it last time," explained Harry, "We started getting nervous after hearing some loud noises. We thought it might be the Spun Hopper."

"Speaking of noises, do you guys hear that?", asked Andrew, "Sounds like its coming from that room up ahead."

"I didn't hear anything," said Ren.

"Me either but let's check it out," said Harry.

They approached an opening on the right side of the hallway and entered. Inside the room was a low chair next to a table. There were several Spunland pictures on the walls and a small bookcase beneath one of them. Across the room was an opening leading to another hallway.

"Looks like a reading room," said Harry.

"Wait," said Andrew, "Now it's coming from the hallway we were just in."

He turned his camera to the entrance they had just used and in the opening was an enormous eye. It blinked once and then just stared at them. Andrew could see that the eye was part of a large worm-like creature.

"Wha-, what is that?," Andrew whispered as he slowly backed up.

"It's an Unspun Worm," replied Ren in a worried tone, "We should get out of here."

As the group slowly made there way to the other opening, the Unspun Worm started to move into the room. The three quickly exited into another dark corridor, turned left and started running. The Unspun Worm gave chase. As it followed after them, its body struck the walls, shaking the entire hallway and causing them to stumble and fall near a opening on their left. As they attempted to get up they heard a voice yell "Now Lumino!"

A small figure, which looked like a walking desk lamp, stepped out from the dark opening and turned its head towards the Unspun Worm. It then emitted a blinding light from its head. The Unspun Worm stopped and closed its eye but, unable to stand the light, fled down a side passage.

"I think that did it Robo," said the lamp creature, turning out its light.

"Good work Lumino," said a second figure, "I think you guys should come with us."

Harry looked down and saw a small robot like creature. "Ren?", asked Harry.

"Yeah, they're spunners. It's ok."

The three men followed them down a ramp and then through several rooms. Finally they stopped in what appeared to be a small storage area filled with opened boxes of Spuntacles and Spun Hats.

"We should be safe here for a bit. I'm Robo and this is Lumino. Who are you guys and what brings you to Spunland Mansion?"

"I'm Harry and this is Andrew. We're reporters for End Time News. And this is Ren."

"I'm a Spunsultant," said Ren, "I'm helping these guys find the Kill Switch Counter."

"Oh hi Ren," said Robo.

"Have we met before Robo?"

"Not exactly. I'm aware of everyone who has an account with the Bank of Spun though."

"I see. What are you doing here Robo?"

"My colleague Constructo and I were tasked with sealing the mansion archives. Our friends Lumino, Rabbit, Sonic, and Flusho asked to come along to get a tour of the place but we were surprised by an Unspun Worm and got separated."

"Oh! Its all my fault! I should have never allowed them to come along," he cried.

... hop ...

"Now, now Robo," consoled Lumino, "You couldn't have known this would happen. Besides, I'm sure Constructo is taking care of them."

"Yes, yes, you're right."

... hop hop...

"Does anyone else hear that hopping sound?", asked Andrew.

... hop, hop, hop, hop...

"This is it!", said Harry excitedly, "Quick Andrew, let's get a tight shot on me."

"Ok, go," said Andrew, pointing his camera at Harry.

"This is Harry Draper coming to you from beneath Spunland Masnion. We are about to come face to face with the infamous Spun Hopper."

"I'm not sure this is a good idea," said Andrew.

"You know," said Ren, "I don't think the Spun Hopper is malicious, just misunderstood. Anyway, I don't think that's the Hopper, my Spun Imp friend isn't really reacting at all."

Suddenly Robo rolled out of the room. "Rabbit!" he called, "Rabbit, is that you?"

"Robo?" said a voice from down the hall, "Where are you?"

"Just follow my voice."

After a moment, a small rabbit-like spunner hopped around the corner. "Oh! Thank goodness I found you."

"Are the others with you Rabbit?" asked Lumino.

"No, I don't know where they are. Robo, its terrible, I saw Uncle-".

Before he could finish, a sound like a distorted speaker interrupted him. It was quickly repeated two more times.

"That's Sonic!" exclaimed Lumino.

"He's in trouble!", said Robo, "Let's go!"


Robo led the group through a series of hallways and then down a ramp. Every so often the sounds would repeat. Three blasts each time. They became more urgent as they traveled, as if sounding an alarm or indicating someone in distress. Soon they could hear shouting up ahead.

"No Constructo! He's too big!" cried a watery voice.

"No wormy Unspun Worm is going to get one over on me!" replied another in a gruff voice.

The group then entered a large room with a high ceiling. Spun cubes and Rabbit Hops were scattered everywhere. In the center of the room a short stocky spunner with an orange hard hat was facing off against a much larger Unspun Worm. Off to the side was a Flusho, smaller than the one the reporters had seen earlier, and a speaker like spunner.

That must be Sonic, Harry though to himself.

Suddenly, the spunner in the hard hat charged the Unspun Worm. It pulled back and then sprang forward, knocking the smaller figure into a pile of Spun Cubes.

"Noooo, Constructo!," cried Flusho.

"Lumino!" yelled Robo.

"I'm on it," said Lumino.

Once again, Lumino emitted a bright light from his head. The Unspun Worm closed its eye and reared back. It raised its head in an effort to escape the light but it hit its head on the ceiling. It then turned and left the room through a side exit.

"Constructo, are you ok?" asked Flusho.

"I'm good, I had my hard hat on."

"Look Flusho, its Robo, Lumino, and Rabbit. And a Spun Imp. And some other guys too," said Sonic, pointing out the reporters.

"Good to see you Robo," said Constructo as he walked over. "Who's your new friends?"

"This is Harry and Andrew. They're reporters for End Time News. They're looking for the Kill Switch Counter. And this is Ren."

"I'm a Spunsulant, although I haven't really helped much."

"Don't worry Ren, we'll find a way for you to help," said Robo.

"There are Unspun Worms all over the place Robo," said Constructo, "We should get everyone out of here and then come back and seal the archives."

"We can't go back! We can't go back!" exclaimed Rabbit.

"Why not Rabbit?" asked Robo.

"I tried to tell you earlier. When we got separated I found my way to the Great Spun Hall. I heard voices and thought it was you guys but then I realized it wasn't any of you at all. That's when I saw him."

"Who Rabbit? Who did you see?" asked Flusho.

"Uncle Unspun," Rabbit said quietly. The other spunners gasped.

"Who is Uncle Unspun?", asked Harry.

"UncleSpun's brother," answered Sonic, "UncleSpun told us 'The less said about, the better.'

"This isn't one of your tall tales is it Rabbit?" asked Constructo.

"No, no. I saw him and he wasn't alone. There was someone else. I think it was the Witch of Spun. When I realized who they were, I hid behind one of the statues but they must have heard me because they started looking for me. They almost found me but a voice called out saying 'Hey! I'm over hear!' They went to look and I got out of there. Not long after I heard Robo calling for me."

"So there's someone else in the mansion after all," said Ren, "We saw a mountable Flusho outside the mansion earlier."

"Do you think Uncle Unspun is responsible for the Unspun Worms?", asked Sonic.

"Its possible. Or he might just be taking advantage of the situation," answered Robo.

"Robo, we need to get to the archives as quickly as possible," said Constructo.

"Wait, we're supposed to cover the news, not be part of it," said Harry.

"Now you're doing both," replied Constructo.

"We have to make a stop first," said Robo, "Its not too far though."


Robo lead the group down yet another hallway past several rooms. After a little while he stopped outside one of them. "Well, here it is."

"What is this place Robo?", asked Lumino.

"This is the office of the Skeptical Duke of Spun. One of his offices anyway. We need to find a key in here. Its hidden inside. Look for something unusual."

"Everything is unusual in this place," commented Andrew.

"Look for something even more unusual then," replied Ren.

"You'll know it when you see it," said Robo.

The group entered the office. There was a desk and several cabinets along one wall. A Penny Farthing hung on another. After a few minutes Sonic said "I think I found it. Lumino, can you shine some light over here?"

Lumino turned on his light and pointed it in Sonic's direction. Nearby, on a table was a glass dome sitting on a pedestal. Underneath the dome was a white and orange stripped fruit with purple leaves which looked somewhat like an eggplant. It bounced up and down beneath the dome.

"A Fruit Spunner! That must be it," said Robo, "Ren, I found a way for you to help."

"Great, what do you need me to do."

"Can you pick me up and put me on that table?"

"Oh, I was hoping for something a little more heroic."

"Robo is heavier than he looks," quipped Constructo. The other spunners chuckled.

"Never mind that, I am a robo after all."

Ren bent down and with some effort, placed Robo on the table. Robo then lifted the glass dome off the pedestal and the Fruit Spunner stopped bouncing, droped to the pedestal, and fell over. It then split in two revealing a gold key inside.

"Clever hiding spot," said Flusho.

Robo took the key and Ren picked him up and placed him on the floor.

"Now we can go to the archives," said Robo.

Robo lead the group back into the hallway. As they walked Harry asked "Robo, why is it so important to seal the archives? Won't the mansion end with the rest of Home?"

"As you are aware, the Spunlands you are familar with are really outposts formed by routing Spun into Home. Those outposts will have the same fate as Home. Spunland Mansion is different though. It partially exists in Home and partially exists in true Spunland so it will continue after Home ends. With all the chaos and uncertainty going on with Home ending its best that the archives are sealed. We can't let anyone get a hold of its secrets."

"Ah yes, that Constructo I interviewed a while back mentioned something about routing Spun."

"That wasn't a Constructo, at least not one I've ever met. And I've met most of 'em," said Constructo.

"A lot of us think that was an emissary of the Spun Queen. Or at least that's what we choose to believe," said Flusho.

"After this is over and Home ends, we all plan to look for her," said Robo, "Her disappearance is part of the reason Spunland Mansion has been mostly abandoned."

After walking for a while they turned down another hallway. This one was lined with alcoves. In one was a miniature Spunland Cottage, in another, a Spumkin Head. Every other alcove contained a Spunland related object. One of the alcoves turned out to not be an alcove at all. Instead it was a short hallway which ended at a T-intersection. Along the walls were photos of people with Spun Crowns floating above their heads.

"This is it," pointed Robo, "This hallway leads to a small maze, beyond which are the archives."

"What are these photos Robo?" asked Harry.

"Those are pictures of every person who has ever won the weekly King of Spun contest. The entire maze is covered with them. If we had more time, we could look them over but sadly we must complete this task while we can. Ok, you guys wait here, Constructo and I will go on ahead."

The two spunners walked to the intersection where Constructo lifted Robo up. Robo felt around and opened a hidden recessed panel, inside of which was empty space with a keyhole. He inserted the key and turned it until he heard a loud click. He then closed the panel and he and Constructo walked back to the others, leaving the key behind in the keyhole. A moment later the ceiling of the maze began to lower and the hallway became blocked off, making it look like just another empty alcove.

"How will you unseal the archives?", asked Harry, "You left the key behind."

"We can't," replied Robo, "The Architect or the Lead Spun Enginner might know a way. Or maybe UncleSpun or one of the Dukes of Spun."

"The Spun Queen would know," said Rabbit.

"Yes Rabbit, I believe she would. Now we have to figure a way out of here."

"I've got an idea about that," Constructo offered, "But we'll have to go down to go up."


Constructo lead the group away from the archives. As they walked Robo said "I assume we're going to escape using the Great Spun Pipeline, but the system isn't designed for entry by more than one spunner at a time. At least not from the mansion. How will we keep the group together? Its easy to end up in the wrong region."

"Normally the Spunlock can only accommodate one spunner at a time, but right now the Spun pressure is minimal. We should be able to override the Spunlock so we can all enter the Spun Pipeline together without flooding the control room with Spun," replied Constructo.

After a few moments they entered a room and stopped at a railing. Ramps sloped down to their left and right. Constructo pushed a button on the wall and the lights turned on, revealing the full extent of the area. The large room was filled with control panels, pipes, tools, and equipment.

"This is the Spun Control Room," said Robo, "Designed by the Architect and built by the Constructos under the direction of the Spun Engineers."

"Andrew, are you getting this?" asked Harry.

"Yeah. Wow, just look at it all," replied Andrew.

Constructo lead the group down one of the ramps and onto the control room floor. He walked over to one of the panels and said "Here's the Clock of Spun Seasons and over here is what you came to see Harry. This is the Kill Switch Counter."

Constructo pointed out a large gauge atop the Great Spunpipe. A needle on the gauge indicated the amount of Spun pressure as compared to the number of days that had passed since its activation.

"Andrew, let's get a close up of me," said Harry. Andrew pointed the camera at him.

"This is Harry Draper, coming to you from the bowels of Spunland Mansion. After a perilous journey we have finally reached the Spun Control Room and the Kill Switch Counter. Ok, make sure we get a good view at the counter."

"Hmmm, this might be a problem," said Constructo with some concern.

"What might be?" asked Robo.

"Look at the end of the gauge. The Spun pressure returns to normal during the last week of Home."

"Unclespun mentioned that to me recently," said Ren.

"That's the controls purging the last bit of Spun from the system before total shutdown. We don't have a lot of time. It appears that the Spun pressure will increase within the hour. We need to get into the Great Spunpipe before that happens."

Constructo hurried over to a control panel and started working. After a few minutes he said "Ok, we're ready." He then walked over to the Great Spunpipe. Jutting out from it was a small section which ran
perpendicular to the main pipe. This section had a hatch which Constructo opened. Inside could be seen a second hatch which lead into the Great Spunpipe. They could see that there was only enough room for one spunner between the hatches.

"Ok, the Spunlock is ready. Rabbit, you're up front with me and Lumino. Robo, you're next with Sonic followed by Harry and Andrew. Flusho and Ren will be in the rear. Let's head in everyone."

The whole group moved toward the hatch except for one.

"Aren't you coming Robo?" asked Lumino.

"Someone needs to regulate the Spun pressure. If it gets too high you'll shoot out the top of the Spunpipe too fast. Besides, there's someone else in the mansion who may need my help."

"But what about the Unspun Worms, and Uncle Unspun and the Witch of Spun?"

"Don't worry, the Unspun Worms will dissipate once the Spun pressure increases. Plus I know the mansion well enough to avoid those other two."

"Are you sure about this Robo?, asked Constructo.

"Yes, I'm sure. It'll be easier to sneak around if I'm by myself. You guys should go while you can. I'll see you all soon"

The group said their goodbyes and Constructo entered the Spunlock. He then opened the second hatch and when he did so, small glowing orange spheres of Spun slowly floated into the control room.


"There are some handles on the side of the main pipe," explained Constructo, "Hold on to them for a moment while I close the hatches. You don't want to start floating down the Spunpipe without me."

The rest of the group followed him into the main pipe and grabbed on to the handles. Small amounts of Spun flowed by. Constructo then went back and closed the outer and inner hatches.

"Ok, if everyone is ready let go of the handles and we'll head out." As each one let go they slowly rose up to the center of the pipe and started floating downstream. "You can move around a bit by swimming in the direction you want to go."

After a while they saw the Spunpipe split in two directions. "Head over to the left. That will take us to Spunland NA, the other pipe goes to Spunland EU," said Constructo.

The group headed into the left pipe. After a while they noticed that the amount of Spun was increasing and they were moving faster and faster downstream.

"This is it!" exclaimed Constructo, "We're really gonna start moving now!"

... HOP ...

"Did anyone else hear that hopping sound?", asked Andrew.

"We all heard it," replied Flusho, "I hope that was you Rabbit."

"No, that wasn't me!"

Suddenly they heard a rushing sound behind them mixed in with some loud hopping. Lumino turned his light on and shined it down the pipe behind them. They could see a wave of Spun and riding it was a huge rabbit like creature which nearly filled the pipe.

"It's the Spun Hopper!" yelled Rabbit, "We'll be smushed for sure!"

"Can't you talk to him Rabbit?" asked Sonic urgently, "You're both bunnies!"

"No way, no way, no way!" said Rabbit hurriedly.

"Ren, grab on to me," said Flusho.

Ren put his arms around him and Flusho started swimming back down the pipe toward the Spun Hopper. As the two got closer the Spun Imp above Ren's head started bouncing energetically. Suddenly it leaped off toward the Spun Hopper and when the two connected there was an explosion of Spun and the Spun Hopper dissipated. The wave of Spun then swept over the group and they all began to tumble rapidly down the pipe. Spheres of Spun were all around them now making it difficult to see.

"I can't believe UncleSpun travels this way all the time," said Lumio as he twirled around and around.

"The Spun flow is normally much more stable than this," replied Constructo as he tumbled up and over.

Soon the pipe turned and headed straight up and a light could be seen ahead. "Get ready! We're about to arrive!" yelled Constructo.

In Spunland, the Great Spunpipe bulged out for a moment and then the group popped out, landing all around it. People were going about their various activities. A few stopped and looked at the group, perhaps
expecting to see the Spun Hopper, but then carried about their business.

"Good job, Robo," Constructo said to himself.

"Look, the color is back in Spunland," said Sonic.

"And the mountains have returned to their normal height," said Lumino, "The Unspun Worms are gone as

"We better find UncleSpun and let him know what's going on at Spunland Mansion," said Constructo.

The group searched and searched for UncleSpun but no trace of him could be found. "I'm heading back," announced Constructo.

"Wait, look over there," said Lumino, pointing toward the center of Spunland.

Two spunlings stood in the circle at the center of the space. It was a rare appearance of the Angry and Happy Dukes of Spun. The Angry Duke began to move about Spunland dropping Spun Eggs. Meanwhile, the Happy Duke spotted the group and walked over.

"Greetings Happy Duke," said Lumino, "Do you know where UncleSpun is? We have an emergency."

"Don't worry Lumino, we are already aware. Your friend Robo is with UncleSpun right now and he is ok."

"Oh, thank goodness," replied Lumino in relief.

"We'll take care of things from here." The Happy Duke then turned to the reporters. "I understand you are
doing a story on the Kill Switch Counter. We would ask that you please keep details on the archive's location vague for its protection."

"Sure, we have a lot of editing to do anyway," Harry responded. "Ren, thanks for the help."

"No problem guys."

"Let's get a closing shot with everyone Andrew," said Harry.

"Ok," replied Andrew, raising a camera to his shoulder. "Ready in 3, 2, 1."

"This is Harry Draper of End Times News reporting from Spunland. Have a good night."
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