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Capstone project: Voltage studios

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This is one of my assignments that I am working on for my Capstone projects. In this project, my goal is to create a new logo for my company, and I came up with the idea of a new company called Voltage Studios. Voltage Studios is a game studio that works on Sony PlayStation platforms and Machinemas. This project will cover 9-week period, which will consist of several milestones and several projected completion dates. Right now, I am currently working on my billboard for this project, and also, brochure layouts. Also, I'm working on Labels, Posters, 30" TV Spot, DVD + Jacket, and Apparel labeling in order to finish this project. The reason why I made a different logo is because I really want this logo to become both a G Corporation and Tekken Force feel. Overall, I say that this is really a good logo, and I will continue to work hard in order to make this capstone project a finished piece.
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