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Dave's third blogpost...

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Greetings! As the days tick by towards Christmas it often feels like everything slows down, as one realizes all the things which suddenly have a date to happen before and more time than normal gets taken up with meetings and greetings and messing around. I was hoping that we would have some stuff to show you before Santa arrived, but we're not quite there yet. In my next post I'll go into a lot more detail about exactly what we are up to, and will be looking for suggestions from the community on a range of things. For now let me say I am spending all the time that I possibly can constructing a scene in Unreal and Jagz is doing his best to get an animated avatar in - we're getting there, but slowly. This week I actually took a weekend off for the first time since before the Kickstarter launched, which is why this blogpost is actually later than I'd have liked...

This week saw a slew of anniversaries, PlayStation is almost old enough to drink alcohol in NA (20), PSHome should be starting it's 2nd year in School (6) and Doom must be trying to recover from an almighty hangover (21). YPSH also hit it's 6th birthday this week - so big congrats to the whole team there, and especially to Carla Birch who we were proud to announce this week as our neotopia forum admin. Besides Carla, our biggest news this week is that we received the sales figures for the Neotopia Hub Apartment, which as we promised we'd let you know: Drum roll... In the EU we sold 345, and in NA we managed to shift 550! Given the circumstances under which it went on sale (I lost count of the number of folks I heard say, understandably, that they would buy nothing more in PSH), and how few weeks it was in the shops (a mere 20 days altogether) we are really pleased, and so must thank you all for doing so much to promote it. Special thanks to Sam1knight and the whole crew who organized the apartment competition!

I'll post again before christmas hits us, I hope that everyone's festive prep is going swimmingly and hope to see you all at this week's (postponed) neoflags, last week in the EU was a particular blast, my face still hurts from laughing at the can-can line featuring our favorite Happy Spunling on the MuiMui Ship :) Happy Holidays to you all!

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