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Defeated but appreciated.

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As the final blast of the referee's whistle goes, he drops to his knees, he starts crying, his team mates begin to comfort him, soon his family from the stands, as the fatal loss was registered. All of them clap him as he trudges to the dressing room, knowing that he was not alone.

It was supposed to be a day of celebration, however it was not to be. His coach lifted the team by delivering an inspirational speech to the team. The fans also started chanting in their groups. It revitalized him and made him realize to keep fighting on to the end.

In the end he finished the night having a small celebration with his closest friends despite being runner up. Not many would have done such but he seems focused and motivated for the next season thanks to his club members and fans.



This story is committed to Neotopia as they are always very supportive, and will try to cheer up people when they are upset.

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