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Favourite music from my favourite game

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A while ago, I left my favourite quotes from a game, now I shall leave my favourite music.

Relaxing Piece
"Such Bonds are the true strength of this army"

The rather unexpectedly fast but mellow background is superbly complimented by the variety of piano strokes that are mostly long, but effective in what they intend to achieve. This piece has also helped me fall asleep many times when I was struggling to sleep through stress or rage.

Quirky Piece
"Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" (Yes, that is the name of it)

It is a piece of music somewhat assured to leave a chuckle, it has loads of subtle little quirky instruments playing while the main theme of it. The theme isn't quirky as such, but it is the secondary instruments where the laughs come from in my opinion.

Adventurous Piece
"Here we are! The shepherds garrison"

The fast pace and the trumpets blowing like a castle theme gives this song a true feeling of epicness. It gets me mentally prepared for whatever the day has for me!

Piece when tasked.

This makes me feel determined to do something, and it gives me a real feel of teamwork, however if you have not played the game, you may not feel that way. Anyway, it helps me more focused when doing something as it is some what a direct blend of relaxing music and epic music.

Emotionally beautiful piece

"Shh... Easy now, girl, I won't hurt you"

This music is very mellow which is great for relaxing or uplifting spirits. I was awed at this music the first time I heard it, showing the games calm side, as all tracks before it were either epic or quirky, either way this almost had me in tears, in a good way.

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