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If neotopia was an isolated, freezing island

Published by Goalkeeper_Matt in the blog Goalkeeper_Matt's blog. Views: 852

Seemingly stranded, no hope, at all, not even a thin ray of light;
I have to accept the challenge, each day and night;
Must do whatever to survive, even if it is not right.

As I go to collect fire wood;
I wonder if I can get back to anywhere, if I could;
Hmm, now that's started. I should hunt for food.

I shouldn't stay away too long before it goes too cold;
But my feet were still firmly on the ground with a firm hold;
I will not be trapped forever, I must be bold.

Then as i try to rest, I hear a strange sound;
I follow it; and it was a group of campers doing a round.

I talk to them, and they welcome me;
Gave me shelter, biscuits, and a cup of tea;
I join them; and together we bow to make our way out buy sea

We all worked together to make the boat.
Which with great endeavor, we could all fit and it would float.

After tireless rowing, we made it back on land;
Everyone raised their hand;
And after another night of rest, we had fun in the sand.

The community played its part
With much compassion from their heart;
From welcoming a stranger from the start;
To helping me get home with the water cart.

All in the name of community

Side note - The idea for a freezing rhyme came up when I was called this morning to say my match was postponed due to a frozen pitch
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