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My Lost First Story

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I've been kicking some ideas around for a new Spunland related story. There's a beginning and part of a middle but no end worked out yet so it will be awhile before it shows up. In the meantime I thought I might post my very first story which was done for the VICKIE Origins Stories Competition on HomeStation Magazine. The contest was sponsored by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. and administered by HomeStation Magazine.

Unfortunately, hsmagazine.net is no more but I was able to find my story using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. However, I don't know if I am allowed to post the story here. According to the contest rules:

6. OWNERSHIP AND USE OF WINNING ARTICLES: All entrants, by participating in this Contest and submitting contest entries, grant Lockwood Publishing Ltd and HomeStation Magazine and any of their respective successors and assigns the perpetual and irrevocable right, license, and ability to use and publish all submitted entries (in the format submitted or in an altered format and in complete form or in excerpted form) on Lockwood Publishing's and/or HomeStation Magazine's websites, on other websites, and in other media, for any purpose. Entrants’ opportunity to submit their articles and participate in this Contest constitutes full consideration for the foregoing grant. The foregoing grant requires no further consideration and is not dependent on entrants winning any prizes. Lockwood Publishing Ltd and HomeStation Magazine can publish or decline to publish, or use or decline to use, any submitted entries in HomeStation Magazine's sole discretion.

7. GENERAL CONDITIONS: All online submissions become the property of HomeStation Magazine and will not be acknowledged or returned.....​

This would have been fine if HomeStation Magazine was still up and running but now none of the contest entries are available anymore. Since I don't "own" the story (not that I could anyway since everything in it is based on Lockwood's IP) I think the only thing I can do is provide a link to the archive of the HomeStation Magazine forum.


Not an ideal solution but hopefully this avoids any legal issues. Plus you can see all the other entries as well.
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