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Pixel Pushing

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Spun Salutations folks! I don't have too much neonews for you right now - so I'll get to that right away - the first week of contract work after the holidays overran, meaning I sadly didn't get to spend my usual 3 days on neowork last week. I got the previously mentioned jeans, plus some groovy variants into Unreal and did make a serious start on spreadsheets and planning in general. I hate spreadsheets, but its an important job that needs to be done.

The contract work overran as, well I'm pretty out of practice at making levels for games - making the Neohub Apartment was fairly straightforwards compared to designing and creating the inside of a spaceship that looks more like a cathedral (working on Eisenhorn for Pixelhero Games). I started out in games doing graphics (the first game I ever worked on was Micromaniacs for the original PlayStation - I am that old!), and although I've always done some graphics on whatever I have worked on, for the past few years the biggest proportion of my time has been spent programming. So when it came to working on something like Eisenhorn there was a serious amount of catching up to do, and given that Pixelhero are not only our client but also my friends, some extra time really had to be done. So it goes.

People have asked quite a few times now if I am the only madmunki working on Neotopia, as it is only me who comes around here spouting off about this and that, so for the record - no I'm not :) Jagz, animator extraordinaire is also on the neocase - but I shudder in horror at the thought of him unleashing his keyboard skills on you all, so we keep him and his family firmly locked in the basement. Oh that's right, he has a family too. Me, I live here. If two guys doesn't sound like enough to make something quite as epic as neotopia, don't worry - you're right - its not, but we have other folks waiting in the wings as it were, not to mention the mighty Jam Games :) We also have a long history of making not only original content for PSH but also games on many different platforms over the years, so we are quite capable of handling the prototype work on our own for now.

Next week I'm hoping to juggle my working days around a bit so that I will have a longer stretch to spend on neotopia, we'll see what effect this has on posting blogs etc. but I will defo post at some point. Hope to see you in the shoutbox, Spunland or at neoflags!

Al the Spun best!

Dave :)
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