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The Harper's Tribulation [PART 1/4]

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CHAPTER ONE - How it all began.

He woke up with a very loud scream, that alerted the nearby people that he was in pain and they rushed to assist him. Crowded and uncomfortable, Harper was surrounded by unfamiliar faces, but when he soon realised they were assisting, he took a deep sigh of relief. Slowly, but surely he would regain some balance and then eventually get up onto his feet.

His memories were very jaded, but he could significantly remember a battle between winged people and drones, himself, being one of the winged people. He came to the assumption that, he, during the battle, must have been either teleported away or he had took a shuttle that diverted itself to earth. Either way, Harper realised he lost his wings, and this terrified him.

Again, panic would set in, until he tripped over, and a booklet fell out of his pocket. It read “Re-gain wings when lost.” The coincidence was quite unbelievable. So, he would go to the nearest park bench and begin reading with great interest. The book on the inside, was badly faded but managed to read a section at the end that read ‘deeds….regain….protect….return.’

He had predicted that he was to do good things for people, to regain his wings, and when he had done that, to protect the people of the earth realm, for then when he had served he would return to his home realm. But this was utter solitude, no-one he knew to talk to, no food to eat or water to drink. He was badly lost.

Then he stepped on something, a money note, giving him an urge to go to get his dinner. As he was about to start eating, he noticed a homeless man, with his child. He took the good deed, and split a one mans meal three ways, it was graciously received by the homeless family, and Harper, explained that he was without a home as well.

They would spend the night on the bench all together, bunched up on a bench, covered by nothing but an old rug and old newspapers. Harper felt that he would of deserved to have his wings back but this was not going to be the case, the morning came, and not even a single feather had returned upon to his back.

He would have to do more, much more he had thought to himself. Worried, that he would be stuck in this state forever. A tear trickled down his eye. Homesickness was already settling in, he couldn’t find the courage to search for another deed, he had very little hope, what hope he had, was only for survival. He returned to the bench and slept with the family again.

In the morning he had rushed out, and try to cover as much ground to the north as possible. Looking for anything that could be classed as a good deed to do, but the further he went, he entered less civilised areas. So he returned back, very slowly, saddened that he won’t be returning to his old self.

But on the return he found something that if he intervened correctly could class as another good deed. He saw two big people harassing a small person. Harper, put up the courage, and shouted “Take on someone your own size.” They went to Harper and started fighting him. The small person managed to escape, but Harper was well and truly defeated.

About half an hour after the incident, Harper got up, in a lot of pain and headed to the bench where he had been sleeping again. He was badly wounded. There was blood coming from his stomach so he sacrificed his scarf. To cover the wound. All be it, at the expense of a freezing neck. He got there at 1am, and gone to his sleeping position.

Well, he tried to sleep but this time he couldn't. The little girl had the same problem, so they talked in whispers throughout the night. Harper didn't realise what he had said about himself sent the girl to a relaxed sleep. Now he had to stay awake alone, as the rubbish kept swaying around with the wind, he put his hands on his chin, stressed.

In the morning, the insomnia lead to him fainting. As help rushed to aid once again, a bright light began to shine from his back. Everyone slowly backed away, except for the girl who was intrigued by it all. His wings appeared on to his back. He woke up and started to fly. His deeds section was well and truly complete.
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