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the new CWM set up and my opinion on atom universe. (come whatever may)

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Greetings citizens!

Before I begin the main point to this blog, I'd like to announce a possible new schedule to this blog. Instead of cramming everything into one, I'll take it one topic at the time (if it merits it) and make several blogs per sit down instead of one hastily made to save room.

Onto the topic of this blog, as many of you may have picked up on, I'm in no way interested in atom universe.

It just seems kind of...well....bad. focusing the entire thing on a theme park? No thanks. While unfortunately atom universe is fully funded and ready, I doubt I'll play it even if it releases. I might give it a spin and have my entire mind changed, but let's face it, most of us want something that will not only build off of, but innovate homes formula. AU is doing neither from what I've seen.
Compared to all the other Virtual realities coming out, I'd just assume wait for hell fire's project or Kovok's project nebula.
Until one of those drops I'll be running ESO 24/7. Nebula will probably steal about half of that. Which brings this blog to a close and my next to an opening
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