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The time I broke out my curse.

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This one is hard to confess as there used to be 2 sides of me now I find myself on the good side. The whole dark side is gone and starting to be forgiven by my local community. I figure it quite fortunate, that none of you know me personally, as my dark side I am to ashamed to talk about.

I have never denied my wrong doings and I'd like to thank every member of Neotopia as your caring and friendly attitude as it has rubbed off on me. I know see a light at the end of this long tunnel. Something will be there, waiting, to decide my judgement, and I am prepared for it.

This has not been an easy ride by any means, however I have infact paid the bar what i owed them and will let me in after a small closed - off conversation, and he's not easily persuaded! Anyway I shall sign out with a favourite quote from a game I own

"Let us rest gracefully. We continue travelling onward tomorrow"
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