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The twelve days of Neo-mas (featuring Regulars)

Published by Goalkeeper_Matt in the blog Goalkeeper_Matt's blog. Views: 1083

I thought i'd make a neotopia Christmas themed blog. I couldn't make a poem as I have had to focus upon other things but here goes the jingle!

On the 12th day of Neo-mas We all
- Saw 12 tricks by the magical @UncleSpun
- Had 11 christmas nuts pinched open by @GreyNeo
- Saw Goalkeeper_Matt make 10 football saves
- Played 9 rounds of Tekken with @teentekken
- Had 8 cups of coffee made by @Sam1knight
- Read 7 writings by @dragonwoman52
- Got help from @NeoHelper 6 times
- Caught 5 ...golden...spunland....bunnies
- Watched 4 of @Arwen 's videos
- Saw @Uniquez_SLB score 3 football goals
- Got 2 of @Tara(dx) 's Spun-Hugs
......and have 1 fantastic com-mun-ity!

I hope you all enjoy this!
Of course if you do it right you could sing it :p
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