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Hey there folks, I thought it was about time to do a quick update on all things madmunki-wise, partly as I have been shamefully absent from the forums for the past week or so and partly as a certain question keeps coming up.

So the question first as I think that's the thing people will want to know - are we joining forces with Atom to make Atom Universe? Well the short answer is no. We have had a few discussions with them, indeed I know Atom fairly well, having worked with him for a number of years in a previous games job, in what now seems like another lifetime. We will continue to talk I'm sure, and I would not categorically rule out us working together at some point, but right now my inclination is to create a Spunland standalone, although our thoughts about that are barely even at the drawing board stage yet. The programmers from madmunki have just embarked on a big job for another company which is going to take up most of their time for a while, and the majority of my time is still taken up working with Pixelhero on their Eisenhorn game.

Pixelhero were showing off Eisienhorn at GDC last week (screenshots etc here), so the days leading up to that were fairly hectic to say the least. And here comes my excuse for not being on the forums this past week... Once they were safely out at GDC I turned my attention again to madmunki business - I tend to come up with ideas whilst actually working on stuff rather than by just sitting about thinking, so I threw myself back into a little project I had started quite some time ago, a project which had started out as a way to learn html5 and creating web browser based games. I tend to think of stuff like this as sketches, not really intending to ever finish them, but just explore an idea or learn something new. Anyway I got rather sucked into this sketch, and spent a number of days telling myself - 'today is the last day I'll work on this, tomorrow I'll get on with real work again'. I did that for more days than I care to admit, and consequently not only did I not visit the forums, but barely looked at emails or even text messages as I felt so time harassed. Anyway I have pulled my head back out of the sand now, and although I am still working on the 'sketch' I'm doing so at slightly more sane pace.

Before signing off, a couple of Home related things. Big thanks to everyone who came along to my Spunland Cottage party the other week - we got a lot of nice footage and so much fun I'd like to do another - ideally next week (week beginning 16th), I'll post a thread on this once I get organized enough. Also, for the longest time we have wanted to get footage and pics of as many people with Spun Crowns on at once as possible - again I'll post something official about this soonish, but the date we are thinking of is the second last coronation which will be tuesday the 24th of March, so if you are the proud owner of a Spun Crown please come along that day!

Ok, enough for now - seeya in the shoutbox or in Home!

All the Spun best

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