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[Tutorial] How to Connect a PS4 to a Monitor (update)

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Greetings [​IMG]
Hi everyone o.o// i been getting ton of email from my last comment on another site, not sure if i posted it on **bleep** or playstation lifestyle, but it was a good topic i also check it here and i notice i really didnt get address so i hope my comment will help a bit and put this topic to rest let get started shall we[​IMG]

Topic Tutorial- connecting a PS4 to a Monitor [​IMG]

Basically what you need is something called a (Video Converter) in short it make the playstation 4 and the PC monitor compatable here how-


Female - Male

Your probibly asking huh what that got to do with this topic, that what the item in question is called, you need this method for ur playstation 4 to work with ur monitor if you get the wrong port then it wont work so in short it called-

Video Converter HDMI female and DVI male ok in case you want to order online there are some resonable prices but Amazon and Ebay got the deals [​IMG] also you can check at your local electronic store, but this one item will help you get your PC to work with your PS4 i try this on a Toshiba monitor, Samsung Monitor, Dell Monitor, and lastly LA 2306x HP Monitor, also there ton of you tube video with tutoral on it i try to find a video and i was able to find one with the same topic i was discussing so i hope that help out a bit here the video i found as well, but also i want to say that i try the VGA and HDMI didnt work but i had to try this with all the other monitor i did the test myself at work so i know what work and what doesnt [​IMG]

Ok thanks again for reading i hope this tutorial help a bit understand but i know that if there a perfectly good monitor and home or if you in college and want this setup, or at work and your boss tell you sam you working you can say hell yeah i mean i wouldnt do this at work right hehe [​IMG] thanks everyone for reading oh and i got a Song request in case you were bored of my topic and it good to visit the PS Community thank for reading you have have a great day with honor sam [​IMG]

Song requested by BOBOTARIO-Z always rock on [​IMG]
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