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Word Wrangling

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Hey Ho folks!

Well like last week there's not a lot of neonews, but as i said last week I have shifted work around which will give me the next 7 days solid to spend on neotopia. The fact is the last 8 days have seen me doing what may seem like a fairly random job for pixelhero; next week they are getting the actor into the sound studio to record the main voice part for their game, which meant they had to get the script for all the dialogue etc finalized - so thats what I was helping out with. I've written a bunch of stuff before (including game script stuff - check out my unfunny jokes in All Zombies Must Die - the good jokes were written by the other designers), so its not that random a job for me. Their game is based on the book Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett, and it being a novel there is a fair amount of dialogue which needed editing down. So thats what I've been doing workwise. Today I'm catching up on community stuff and may even play a game! neowork starts proper tomorrow.

For one reason or another I've played very few games over the last couple of years. Just before we set up madmunki I played Journey for the first time, which totally blew me away. A genuine, totally inspiring piece of art. I always find it amusing when cultural critic types dispute that games can be art, I think they are all going to look very stupid in another 10 years or so. Anyway a few weeks ago I was installing some software on my work machine and it was taking forever, so I thought oh I'll log in to PSN and have a look at the store. I've not bought a lot of stuff from the PSN store and tbh it defeated me. I was looking for Journey and gave up, although tbf the software finished installing while i was struggling with keyboard input.

Later that evening, in order to communicate with a certain CM you might know I installed the PlayStation App on my phone - which I have to say is another one of those things which blew me away. The fact that whilst laying there in bed I could buy games (doing so with a touch screen is soooo much easier than with a joypad!), or even via the PlayStation Live doo-dah, watch other people playing games, is just nuts. We're living in the future! As a result I bought the collectors edition of Journey, which comes with Flow and Flower; the two games thatgamecompany made prior to Journey, and have been super impressed by both. From a dev point of view it's awesome to see such a brilliant and logical trajectory - first they make a beautiful 2d six-axis game where the sound and gameplay is brilliantly intertwined (Flow), then they do a similar thing but in 3d with Flower, then they do all of that and so much more with Journey. I hope students are studying their whole oeuvre at college in the same way that I had to study the work of authors aeons ago when I was at college. So I made a late New Year's resolution (yesterday tbh) to play a new game every week this year. Last week's was Theif Town, but I've rambled on so long here already I'll leave that for you to check out - saying just; it's one of the most innovative multiplayer games I've seen (I've never seen the key mechanic at all before).

I was always told in writing class that the most important info in any given piece of writing should be at the beginning or the end, so on that note, I'll finish on community stuff. GreyNeo will do a proper community post at some point after this goes live, so I'll let Grey handle the details, but there are two things I want to mention here. The first is neoflags - simply; big thanks to everyone who came along to the EU event on thursday - it was a lot of fun and as you've hopefully seen already we got some awesome pictures from it. I look forwards to seeing Arwen's video :)

Secondly, you may have noticed that Seminole and Sky have resigned from their roles as moderators - I just want to say a big thanks to both of them, and I'm truly sorry that things didn't work out - being a mod is a fairly thankless job; no one likes their posts to be edited or deleted, so mods tend to get people complaining about rather than praising them. Semi, Sky and Guthi all did a great job whilst they were here, and I sincerely hope that they stay on as part of the community. We'll be addressing the need for new moderators really soon, but like I say I'll leave GreyNeo to handle the details of that one. Before I go I want to pass on a link which is worth checking out - it's fascinating how communities can develop online - check out the story of this secret community based RPG that grew out of Starship Titanic. Ok I'll shut up now, and hopefully come my next post I might even have something to show. Fingers crossed.

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