1. Hello Guest at some point these forums will be shutting down so please make sure to save anything you'd like to keep. You can reach us in the new Spunland Discord Right Here
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  1. Hello, I have a little story to relay and I would like people's thoughts if possible at the end. I was a subscriber to a car forum for over a year. There wasn't a great amount of activity and someone suggested starting a Facebook page instead because people seem to be on their devices a lot. I was sceptical because I don't really like FB and preferred a dedicated car forum without all the other FB guff, but then someone did it and it was actually a success. All these people connected - we got 60 people in a couple of weeks. However, the page had only been up a week and someone posted a picture of their baby daughter dressed up for a pageant. Well I asked the FB page owners to remove it. The reason? It was not in any way related to the cars and if I want to see a photo of a baby I can just Google it. I also think babies in pageants is just plain wrong but that's for another day.

    Well, I am just wondering, with our Media pics we are sharing, should we be just posting virtual place pictures and related stuff? Or do we let people post pictures of anything: holidays snaps, family photos, pictures they have found on the internet? In which case, it becomes like Facebook. I feel we should just be keeping it to everything virtual. If someone wants to use a picture of themselves for their profile pic, I think that is cool, but I think we should limit Media pics to Home pics, or virtual reality pics. Maybe this is because this is what I have gotten used to since this website started. I have been enjoying seeing people's creativity with the virtual pics and videos.

    What do other people think about this?