1. Hello Guest at some point these forums will be shutting down so please make sure to save anything you'd like to keep. You can reach us in the new Spunland Discord Right Here
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  1. So we all share a common interest with Neotopia and most of us have been involved with some sort of virtual environment of some sort in our lives. These forums are our solace while Home is running out of time. As different as we all are we share the same common ground. We all get "it" and that's how we perceive ourselves in the virtual realm where anything is possible.

    What about those who have never stepped a virtual shoe into these spaces we've come to know so well? We've all said it once or thrice...you know the word noob. Heck I'm guilty of heckling those who obviously didn't understand what Home meant to my friends and I. Let us not forget the trolls...either. I've learned proper PS Home etiquette over the years and find myself trying to be a better online entity.

    There is always going to be genuine person who just doesn't quite understand what is beneath the hood of a social virtual world. The best part of the whole deal is you can be whatever and who ever you want to be. Neotopia will be a fresh start for all of us. A chance to make new friends and enemies. New drama, new likes and dislikes. I cannot wait to see what unfolds for us all in the upcoming year.

    P.S. I hope Emo Hair and Anime Mask's don't come back lol! ​
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