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  1. As I walk in the winter storm no other in sight alone in my thoughts the air crisp and clear with snow falling thick around me

    I pass by the house of wonder to me it’s just a plane brown cape wreathed by time and the salt air not really that old just maybe 50 years or so

    Standing there as I have so many times just looking at it as the snow fills the trees and piles high on the ground

    In the front just to the left and another at the right corner close to the house is 2 tall pine trees ones that have been there for far longer than the house

    There is another one in the yard by a long drive at the end of the drive is a very, very old grey garage all battered by time and New England cost weather

    I stand as I have before my thoughts flow like water in a slow moving river most of it about the house and I have to wonder about it

    You can see in the window a neat well-kept house but also a slice in time never changing never growing old or shabby

    Yet for all that no one has ever been seen or heard the yard always well-kept yet by who’s hands take care of all this

    My thoughts go faster no one takes much notes of this house it is as if by magic it came to be too new to have the trees to have grown so close and large around it

    No other person even thinks it strange that no human is around nor do they wonder about how it came to be

    Now I turn to walk away and I think I see a form in the window watching me yet looking again no one there

    My thoughts turn to the magic of the snow in the now failing light and watch as the wind blows it to and fro and think now time for home and my own magic with in
  2. As I look out my window across the marsh and on to the sea, I cannot help but to think of what has been given and taken from me

    I wonder what next is yet to come, be it joy or sorry I do not know but whatever it is I know it will only make me stronger

    Thinking back on just the last two years I see with the passing of the seasons I also see the passing of my time spent with my joyful little dragon

    She came into my life a babe in arms too young to even sit or crawl, a smile on her face when first she saw me

    It was the start of fall, a time that I rejoice in and get ready for Halloween, leaves on the trees full of color a soft cool breeze hung in the air

    Sea birds sang the song of change and the passing of time as she lay in her aunt’s arms and watched as we set out our jack-o- lanterns and turned the yard into a witches haunt

    Then came the winter cold and clear she grew in our hearts as well as in size her joy was a gift we all shared at Christmas time

    Her thrills at al she saw in that bright New Year and that little dragon was the family’s greatest Valentines for we knew with us she was safe and loved

    Spring that year my little dragon learned to crawl in the bright green grass among the flowers and we saw again with a child’s wonder of all things new

    Summer sun shined in her hair of gold and a water baby she became never a fear in her eyes but head first she went and laughed with every wave

    Again the seasons came and went yet the more she grew the more we learned that life held so much magic for us just by her little smile

    So now again it is almost fall and she has been taken from our lives but not our hearts and as the time passes I feel the loss of her

    I have seen the long hot summer come and not to know where she may be yet feeling her love here in my heart

    Soon the leaves will change bright gold, reds and oranges, the yard will become a grave yard for all to see and a spell I will cast to help bring her back to me

    Winter will come with snow white and pure as her little soul a longing for what has been taken yet hope for our joy to begin with the return of our light

    Time has taken her yet also given us more new babies in the family to help ease our pain and bring us more love and joy

    I will keep watching from her to return but till then I will love those that we have for they are here and bring so much light into this world

    No matter what times gives me all its joy and pain in the end it all gives me life and as long as I still can feel than I know I will live and grow stronger
  3. The dragon sits atop the hill watching as the children from every walk of life to learn all they can from her all that they can of life and death and all things in between

    She sees them coming from every wear Humans, Fae, Animals, and young Dragons all coming in peace as one great family

    Today I teach of the balance of life and the world that is in all of us and in all things for if we have no balance we have no life

    In all things we have Good and Evil, Light and Dark and all things in between and you need to learn why this all must be kept in balance

    You know from birth we all have good and evil and that you cannot have one without the other and learn what path we pick

    Now I wish you to know why all things need to be kept in balance and the shades in between and how to use them

    To have just good or evil in our world all ends up in the same way in the end yet not many see it to be true

    To have all Evil you must rule in fear, fear for your life and soul, fear that if you do anything good you will be punished.

    Fear in all forms of what may happen if you do not do as you are told, fear comes to you awake or in your dreams

    To have all Good you rule again by fear, fear that if you do not do the right thing you will be punished.

    Fear for your life and soul, fear that any thought may not be the right one, the same fears you have if evil ran all things.

    When all I said and done both ways use fear to rule us and fear of those who are not the same of they say we should be

    When we keep the balance of the two, we do not let fear take over our lives we find love and peace for the taking

    The dragon looked out at the children of the world who sat before her and saw them holding hands not caring who is next to them

    Her words came softly and with love to each of them and to seed in each hearts she had hoped it would

    It is up to us of the light and the dark to make sure we do not let the balance fall to one side or the other

    Those who walk the shadows are the bridge between the worlds and must be held most dear for their work comes much harder

    Show the worlds of both Human and Fae that no one should fear the other, say it is song and written word show it how you live

    Let no one teach you how to hate the other because they are not of your kind for even if we are not the same blood but we are true family

    You are the new beginning of what is yet to come the ones who think hard before you speak, love as much as you can

    Fight when you need and do not turn your back on those in need, embrace the fact that in each we have both sides yet choose what one we grow

    Go now my little ones till next we meet and talk about what I have said to each other and work on what we need to keep that balance of life

    The dragon them smiled and sends to them all her love, for this group of young one are her next greatest hope
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  4. As I open up that long forgotten box tucked far in the back of the closet and once again look into the past in long gone

    I see the photographs of loved ones and places that are held in time for all to see just how happy life has been for even a moment

    I see those photos posted for the world to see and help share the joy of what life has given us

    With that posting come new joys as family and friends come forth, some long lost yet now are found

    Old friends remember our past share those times long gone and look to a future that will bring us closer with time

    Family comes closer seeing loved ones long gone yet no way till now to remember the faces that are gone

    I look back and see that not all was pain in life and day dream of what was and cry for what is lost and could have been

    What could have been is gone time cannot bring it back yet here is the things that was and never really gone

    I look back at the renegades that we were in our own way and think to myself yes it was all worth it

    I look at my babies, my parents, sisters, brothers, and friends and see the love that was always there and wonder why I no longer have it

    Time takes somethings from us and gives us things that are new do not forget what was and be happy in the now of time

    Take out that dusty box share it do not hide it, cry when you have to laugh at the rest and rejoice that you have more yet to come
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  5. As I sit and think about my past I cannot help but wonder what now my life, does it bring me joy or pain like year gone by.

    My days go by as they have before with thoughts of how things have gone, of things not done and things that have been done.

    I think of the things that brought me the most joy in life and the things that have given me the most heartache.

    I have been told to get rid of the things that bring me nothing but negative feelings in life and bring in the things that make me feel positive.

    That is not always easy to do when so much of my life has been pain and sorrow, love lost, being told I was worthless and not any good.

    Then it happened for the first time someone said that I am worth something in life, and then someone else said the something.

    Before I knew it a whole community was telling me that they were here for me and that I was smart, talented and worth something.

    Yet here I sit with old thoughts creeping in and the same old fears, am I really worth anyone knowing or caring about.

    I sit and wonder what now my life, where do I go, and how will I get to that place in life where happiness begins.

    It is in my own hands no matter how it goes but how does it start and how will it end is up to me yet I know not how to begin.

    My life is filled with pain, loneliness and self-examantion, finding my way in life, getting past my tears, THAT is what life holds for me.

    When things get to much for me and my thoughts go wild and try to bring me I hold tight to the ones who show me that I am of value and say thank you to them for what they give to me.
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  6. The wings of time have blown in the spring of rebirth bringing with it hope and new life to a once cold dark world

    Every were you look it can be seen from the shades of green of the trees to the bloom of the flowers the world becomes a more colorful place

    You can find it in the nesting of the birds in the buzzing of the bees all these things tell us of change and rebirth

    No longer the cold winds of winter no longer a world white with snow and ice but a world of color brighter that a rainbow in the sunlight

    All these things are a gift to us from our mother earth, she shows us all that no matter how dark life gets all things can be reborn

    It is up to us all to see that it can be done but she cannot do it alone, she calls to all to help her in her work to change this world

    We are needed to bring new life and change, we are her flowers all colors shapes and sizes that grow in her garden

    As she shows us who all things work together and colors have no bonders each can go with the other so it is with us for all to see

    Rebirth is here for us all if only we open our eyes and ears to all she has given us love is the rain of this garden we call mankind

    Understanding the ground it can plant it in, this world is a gift to us and needs our help for birth of a better world can bloom with help

    Come one and all my sisters and brothers bring into being a brave new world on we can pass done with pride to those yet to come

    Let us learn from the past and not repeat it bring with me a world that all people are welcome in with love and respect
  7. Oh Molly dear child what has happened to you gone from us all far too soon, the pain of your passing will live on in our hearts for you have been taken from us never to return

    The pain of your life, the fight we can never understand for drugs was the monster that forever hunted you and in the end it took your life

    You were so young and so loved by us all and yet it was not enough to be able to make you strong, drugs are a demon that robs a soul it weakened you so you did not see our hands out to you

    It was like you were far out to sea in the midst of a storm and we could not get to you, no matter how hard any of us tried there was no way for us to get to you

    Molly sweet Molly our dear girl you were lost to us in so many ways now there is no way for us to be able to ever get to you and only in our hearts will you forever be

    I pray that as an angel up high you will help someone to fight the good fight and kill the monsters they keep inside for you know their pain and will be there for a guide

    Our family is lost without you but know this my dear that we will always love you and celebrate your life and the gift that was to us when the God and Goddess gave us you

    Know that I will hold your mother and father in my arms, know I will be there for my sister your grandmother to help her live on

    Know that we weep for a time yet in the end of the day we sing a song of life and love for you always and forever more, for you would not want us to celebrate you love for us all

    I know your pain is done yet ours has just begun, the monster blinded you so you could never see the pain that is left behind by your passing from us all too soon

    Molly sweet Molly in my heart if you could just tell others of what is left by this monster called drugs, you would tell them it is not just your pain that is here but the pain of the family when death is here

    You would show them the havoc, the grief and the wreckage that is left for all who loved them and help to teach them how to fight and live on

    As an angel I hope this message you will instill in even just one heart and save their life so that a family can be spared our pain

    We sing the song of our sweet Molly, for I know that now your head is clean and your thoughts are at peace the love we send you will guide you on your way
  8. Come the full moon bright I go to call down its power and fill my soul with the powers of the Goddess as women have done have done since time began

    I watch it start to rise along the horizon where the sea meets the sky, this time I do not see the clear white light on the water or the moons pail face

    Instead I see the blood moon rise, I know in my heart this night is different our Goddess was weeping tears for us her children, tears of blood for our world

    The blood moon is the pain and sorrow for our world and for what we have done to it, it is an omen for what is to come if we do not change

    As the moon climbed higher in the sky we women who stood under it knew the meaning of it and knew that no one had heard our pleas for peace

    We are the daughters of the light, the ones who tend our babies and watch the grow with the love of the Goddess of light in our hearts

    I look to the blood moon and see what is going on and yet have no voice to end what has be gone, I am not alone for all the daughters see as I do

    We have been here all along standing next to you and have been made to still and in the past burned for our words and ways

    The blood moon now shines on us all trying to tell of our past, trying to tell of what mankind has done and tries to tell us all of what yet may come

    Come my sisters of the light as we weep for our sons and daughters, as we weep for our world, come now and join with me to find a way for peace and love

    I stand under the blood moon and call down the power of our Goddess, I fill my soul with her love and pain, and it floods me with the power of hope for us all

    In my mind I see all of my sisters of the light doing as I do, seeing what I see and taking to heart the omen of that is given to us

    We have time my dear ones to stop all the madness, now is the time for the world to change and be made right there is still hope for us on this blood moon night

    Come join with me my sisters and bring our brothers, let us take our lives in our own hands to make this world one of peace, love and light

    Our ways may be strange to you all at first but we know no matter what you call your Gods or Goddesses in the end we can see that they are all the same

    The Blood Moon has come to tell us all that our world needs us all to work together to end the hunger of our people and to stop the killing

    I weep with the moon for what has been and pray to it for us to start again, I call down its power and its love now stand with me and start again and bring with you the hope that is meant to be
  9. She walks along the beach as the sun fades below the horizon, the air is still, and the sounds of the birds going to rest for the night become quiet

    As she look to the east over the water in her small New England town a fog starts to roll in from off the sea, the stars will not shine in this start of the full moon are the thoughts in her head

    Turning to walk back to her home the fog wraps around her as if to protect her from all who may be watching, it has always been a friend to her

    The only sound she hears if the lapping of the water who is the mother of us all, the sea that is her friend that gave the whole earth life and love

    As she walks her dark hair grows damp, it shines in the street lights as if the night and the fog has studded it with diamonds a gift from the fairies that play in the fog

    On returning to her home she climbs the stairs to watch and see first the beach, then the marsh become gray, the sky is hidden from sight no stars can pierce the lands with its light

    After a time nothing can be seen, it is as if the whole world is gone no longer to be, and she thinks to herself that in this foggy night not ever the sights of any strife can be seen

    She knows this is not true but for now she can dream of a world with no pain, no wars and no hardships that can find her or her family safe with in her home

    The fog lets her dream that someday someone will find her and show her that love does not always mean pain and that she is of value and not to be cast away

    Alone in the night she watches out the window, high in the top floor that is her room and says a little pray for those who she has lost in life and one to keep the ones she loves close by

    Her children and grandchildren sleep down stairs and says one pray to the Goddess to bless them and love them always in her loving care

    No pray does she say for herself for greed is never in her heart but soon a tear falls from her eye and flows down her face

    She starts to think of where she has come from and what she will become, she thinks how many hardships she has had and how they made her grow

    Others see her as strong and wise yet in her heart is a pain that never goes away, she seldom shows it to anyone for fear of being seen as weak

    For now she watches the fog with dreams of love and hope, maybe one day the fog will give her that someone she has been longing for but for now to watch the fog is what there is to be

    What will the fog that rolls in on this silents of the night bring to her world, will there be such a fog she wonders on the last night of her life

    Dream all you dreamers and fear not what comes with the fog for it is here to give you sweet dreams if you let it and do not show any fear and so she dreams the sweetest dreams of all
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  10. As we stood on the steps to the beach in the central square of the EU, it felt as if all Europe stood with me as we watched the bonfire on the sands

    The once bright blue skies now looking like the setting sun a slight haze of pink on the horizon we felt the same chill of the dyeing of the light

    Some saying a last goodbye to the friends they have made, others had been once more going to the places that meant the most to them

    All feeling the same lose and the same pain, all just standing and waiting for the bitter end of the world we have known as Home

    I slip into the AU that I had come to know as the place in our world that I had come to life, the central plaza that my avie was born into so long ago yet feeling that it was only yesterday

    I travel to the places I had come to love, places that I found friends loved ones and enemies alike, I say my farewells to them all and forgive those who had done me wrong

    So many come and find me where I was once best known to say that they are sorry for anything they had done to me or to say how much they will miss me

    I go to let my avie die where she was born and watch so many come together not in war or fighting but for the first time in peace and friendship

    I watch them dance the dance of death for our world, they talk of good times and not of the bad, they hug one another or kiss one last kiss

    In our own way we do not go lightly into that darkness of death, we raged against it by loving all that was and could have been

    Our world had a history, we saw family grown, shared is the births of the babies, the new loves that reached not only on Home but came together in the real world

    We mourned the deaths of ones we had come to know and love and shared the pain with the families, we saw wars and the making of peace

    Home had a history as any world would have and yet like any world it came to an end not with a bang but with the flip of a switch

    The ghost of so many avies now roam the emptiness waiting for rebirth, we do not know what is yet to come, so in fear we stood together hugged, cried, made peace, remembered and said our farewells

    We all felt the chill of death that night and saw the light of Home go out for the last time, Home ended as it started in an unknown peace that brought us together as one world

    May we never forget that night an always go forward with that last bit of love and hope that we had in that night of the last goodbye
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  11. Listen and know of the wings I now wear proudly and why I wear such this and in the end know to hold onto your own wings and never let them go

    At the time of birth, at the moment they said it’s a girl they clipped my wings for girls of that time did not fly

    My brothers all had full wings, we girls had ours clipped as it had been for all female of that day and age since the start of time

    To watch the boys fly high able to do what every their wished and knowing I could not even leave the ground felt so unfair

    I would not stand for this, I fought it every day, do not tell me I could not do and the boys do, do not say I must be good

    Ever the defiant child I climbed the trees, I played the games of my brothers, I would not play in a prim white dress with my dolls

    I played in the mud and forever scolded and told I must be a lady, I must not get dirty, I should go play tea party not have a snow ball fight

    To grow at that time into being a young woman I was told so many things I could not do, I never would fly as the boys would do

    The boys could fly high and be anything and were always to do better than us do more fly higher, spread you wing our sons fly and not look back

    Being a girl I was told stay on the ground, be a lady, never speak your mind, never this never that, and do not try for you will never fly

    We as female had to forget being anything such as a doctor, lawyer police or fire men, after all we are not boys our wings will not fly and take us there

    Be the mothers, the wives, the teachers, nurse or secretary, collage is not for you except to find a husband there after all you really cannot fly

    Being me I would not stand for this I would not do to my daughters what they did to me, I will teach mine to fly so high and never fear what others say

    I fought for all the girls yet to come, I made sure that they could say let us fly, do not hold us down for we have wings and can fly

    All the ones of my time who felt as I did stood with me side by side and stopped whenever we the clipping of our girl’s wings

    In fighting for others something happened we whose wings had been clipped found that they had grown back and we had not seen it at first
  12. The loving sprite give light to all who sees it, no matter how down a day can feel that loving one brings to us a light that can always heal

    Bright blue eyes that shine with a light, a mop of curly hair, round moon face, skin as soft as silk and a laugh that turns away the darkness of a lost forlorn day

    That sprite runs through the house on tiny feet, it chases a cat, get into everything and yet somehow no matter how big the mess there is no way that you can be mad for it

    This child, this blessing, gets into your heart, gets into your soul in the most loving of ways and with each passing of the days you find more and more that loves grows

    She shows you the world with new eyes and all the wonders in it, how a box can be a magical toy of wonder how a blade of grass can hold a fairy on it and have it dance for you

    With her by your side you learn that a ray of sunlight can hold new worlds in the dust that flouts with in it, with her you hear the songs of dragons in the wind

    This child, this blessing, shows you to look again at the world as you once did as a child, to hear things that only a child can hear and how to talk to angels once more

    She is my little dragon, blood of my blood, a gift to the world given to it by the Goddess of Light for ever to be a blessing to all she meets

    Born from pain and sorrow, born from a mother who has given up her life to drugs and yet giving her mother a new chance at life

    This little one with a single smile will steal the heart of the most doomed of souls and can make them once more a person of worth

    I give thanks every day for this gift, this Great granddaughter, this little dragon so full of the purest of light and love, with a soul not yet corrupted by the evils of life

    The loving spirit of Milleana can be found in every child all you need do it look for it and when you find it do not hold it back let it grow and follow it where ever it may take you

    Let it believe in magic, dragons, elves and fairies, let them always be dreamers of peace and love, do not take the wonders away from them

    They are the world yet to come and will be the makers of a brighter world, for with in those dreams come the a better place for all of us and they will save us all
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  13. She is the light that shines on Neotopia, a star in the night skies, a candle in a dark room our GeryNeo the queen of queens,the light that is always with us and can never hide

    Her love the warmth in the cold dead of winter, her talents are strong, her words are true and she brings us her powers of justices to make things right

    GeryNeo is her name her color is gold her worth to us is more than every be told, we praise her in our own simple way to shown her how much we care

    Come my brothers and sisters and stand in her light, for she brings it to us all so that we to may share it with all who come to join and share in our ways

    We bow with great respect to our queen of queens, we feel her love for our little family at all-times be she here or not for it always is with us in our hearts

    GreyNeo is the season of spring with her comes the green of new life no matter what time of year it maybe she is like the flowers of May coming after a cold winter’s night

    Her movements are that of a dance done by fairies under the bright moonlight under the trees in a woods so full of the colors of magic’s light

    Do not fear my dear brothers and sisters for with us she will always be, the friendship and love she gives us cannot stronger be go forth and spread it to all you meet know from where is has come and ours to keep

    Laugh, play, cry and feel with her for no matter what our GreyNeo is always there for us and shares our joy and pain< she gives us all hope even in the darkest of days

    So sing the praise of Our Light in the Darkness our GreyNeo who spins the tales of what is and can be, listen well for her song is still song

    Our queen of queens, our bright light, our guide in the dead of night, let these poor words try to show how we feel and bright blessing, love and light forever be hers
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  14. Give me a knight in dual dented armor forget the one all nice and shine, give me the knight named Sam1knight to protect me

    Every dent and ding show his true work, shows how he will stand up for all that is right and let no evil go by him

    He is the one who protects and cares for those in his charge, he is the knight that lives by his own good heart

    The knight who is shiny all polished is the one who is only for show, he hides from the truth and boasts of battles that were all in his mind

    He is the one who is always staying behind and saying I will protect those at home then goes and hides along in his room

    Give me the good Sir Sam1knight to be there no matter how hard the fight, he is the one that in the eyes of all Neotopia is the one we call hero

    The knight who’s armor is dented by the blows of the injustice nature of the world that comes with a smile as fake as they come

    Sam1knight is the one we hold dear with sword in hand and stance as brave as can be, he is the one who looks Evil Square in the eye

    He is our knight the one always here for all of us in Neotopia and ready to help in the rest of the world, take all whom he has come to aid

    Our knight, our friend, our brother and so much more, do not fret that your armor is dusty dual and dented for it shows that you are a true hero

    Dear Sam1knight take our hand and stand with us always in joy and peace for we know with you watching over us all will be well

    We of Neotopia salute you and your kind genital ways for we know you only fight when there is no other means to keep us safe

    I bow with respect to you good sir and with these poor words hope to give you full praise, I know in my heart all of us feel the same way
  15. On seeing him on the road of life it is clean he has traveled far in search of what we do not know at first, but then he steps closer

    You see the man he has become young, strong, noble, intelligent and caring a man that is always there for those he cares about

    The marks of his travels shows in him some good some bad but creating this man in ways we do not always understand

    We do not know what has gone before for him nor what is yet to come, we only at this point in time what he is and how good a man he has become

    The traveler Goldkeeper_Matt is a man that gives of himself to all who need him without thought as to what he will get in return

    Not many can be said to be as he is and all are better for knowing him and others at a grave lose for not ever being with him

    He is a knight of old every ready to protect and serve, to be the solder for the weak and the one who’s shoulder you can cry upon

    Travel on good sir for we know you road is long and be not afraid for in the end you will reach high into the sky and hold the stars in your hands

    This world is better off for having you and because of knowing you we too have grown and become better than we were before

    Rest but a time with us and come back whenever you need for your days will be long and your road will take you far

    Come back to us who have grown to love you and find rest whenever you need, come sit by the fire to warm you when things get cold in life

    Know always that no matter how hard the road maybe you will win and the hardships fade away, know also that this world needs for there are too few your kind

    Please see what we see in you see what kind of man you are, and see in you what kind of man you will become look through our eyes

    Good Goldkeeper_Matt we wish all that is good on your road may there always be love and light, may there always be bright blessing from the Goddess above

    May the light of truth shine on that road so that you may always see the bumps and turns, may you always find the path that leads you home

    Forget what nay sawyers to you keep true to your own heart and be that man we have come to love now and forever more

    Go now dear friend and travel more for long is your road and take us in your heart to help you along the way for we are always here for you now and forever more
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