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  1. [​IMG]

    Enjoy :D
  2. A soccer team compromises of 11 players.
    The fomation I have chosen is 3-5-2 (3 Defence, 5 midfield (2 wide, 3 centre), 2 forward)
    On with the team!

    Goalkeeper- Goalkeeper_Matt

    Ability-"Flight Dive" Refrence - Wings on avatar picture
    My ability to use my wings to fly across the goal at speed should assure a low number of goals conceded within matches can prove pivitoal within any team!

    Defender 1 - @Arwen
    Ability - "Video Perfect Tackle" Refrence - You made alot of great videos
    This ability will allow Arwen to retrieve the soccer ball from the opposition and the referee will never give a free kick to the opposition. Perfect for any defence!

    Defender 2 - @GreyNeo
    Abillity - "Pincher Tackle" Refrence - Using the word pinch alot.
    The ability to defend and pinch at the same time makes this effective against opposition attackers however probaqbly best to do it when the referee is not looking!

    Defender 3 - @JamCar0ne
    Abillity "Remix Tackle" Refrence - Informed of Plug.Dj re-opening
    Take the soccer ball away from the opposition while dancing to a remix. An epic combination and who knows it might go viral on the internet!

    Wide Midfielder 1 - @Uniquez_SLB
    Abillity "Soaring Eagle Run" Refrence - Eagle on SL Benfica badge.
    Run past the opposition with the freedom of an eagle! With the speed this move will cause, it will be very hard for any opponent to keep up with you!

    Wide Midfielder 2 - @Sam1knight
    Ability "Knight's Charge" Refrence - Knight in account name
    Drink your cofffee and burst onto the pitch! With the speed, power and endurance of a knight, it will be very hard for anyone to stop you!

    Centre Midfielder 1 - @UncleSpun (Team Captain!)
    Ability "Spun Flow" Refrence - He is full of Spun!
    This move will not only grant UncleSpun all the Spun soccer abbilities, it will also give all team mates a burst of spun for a while!

    Centre Midfielder 2 - @Ren_Echo
    Ability "Echoed Pass" Refrence - Echo in account name
    This move is useful as if a pass is appearing to not reach its original target, iit may echo and still arrive there via the air skimming method. Difficult to pull off mind!

    Centre Midfielder 3 - @NeoHelper
    Ability "Central Assistance" Refrence- Always Helping
    This ability gives himself a performance boost everytime he passes to a team mate. Depending on whom will boost something differant, making him a dynamic player!

    Forward 1 - @Tara(dx)
    Abillity "Spun Shot" Refrence - Also full of Spun!
    The abillity to shoot with Spun will decieve alot of goalkeepers and as such a lot of goals will be scored by this method, As the spun flows....into the net!

    Forward 2 - @dragonwoman52
    Ability "Shadowed Shot" Refrence Dragon's shadows
    This ability will make it very hard for opposing goalkeepers to save as the shadows engulff the soccer ball making it hard to see it and thus save it, many goals will be scored this way too!
    download[1](2). download[1](1).
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  3. I recommend you read part 1 then this...will make the beginning more understandable.

    Chapter 2 - Unexpected Sight

    But this flummoxed him, did he skip the regain part, or did it mean something alot more, he didn't have the ability to tell. Trying, but not succeeding him had him slightly worried but would continue with what has been serving him well as of late.

    However, during his painful slumber he caught a glimpse of a memory, nothing more however. It was not the best sight either, people in a celebration as he had departed to the earth realm he is currently in.

    He thought regain...that must mean respect of some sort, he had thought but he then said to himself "It can't be, that would contradict the deeds section, What else could it be"

    So he had set out looking to give respect to get it returned but that wasn't working so he had returned to a tree he had been temporarily resting in.

    Then he thought of one last thing, something he is surprised he hadn't of thought of...he was still missing his accessories that famed his family for decades. His memories were slowly returning.

    Now, not content for giving up he continued to look but forgotten about the family. He rushed to check up on them and realised the pendant the girl was wearing was that of his younger sister.

    But he refused to even ask to take it. He looked at his book again and realised the words deeds and regain were missing. He must of finished them.

    Now for protect...He thought it would be obvious but not to be..
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  4. For origins of things, see the *.
    Made as Harpers tribulation is proving challenging

    A long day made Harper truly exhausted. He knew that his work ethic was alarming his health, so he needed to take a long rest. Awakened by a loud celebration, and in an unfamiliar place, he felt unsettled but was not necessarily nervous knowing he had been through this before. Feeling he did not want to interrupt within the celebrations, he went to the big place that read ‘Registration Office.’ Knowing that would be the most logical thing to do within the circumstances

    He walked in confidently, but there was no-one there, he waited, and waited. When he was just about to leave someone else showed up. Not a registration officer, but a long lost friend. They gave each other a massive hug and started discussing the things they were doing with in their 6 year separation. Surprisingly, they had both been taking on a similar challenge and they both believed it was in their fate line to reunite in such a place.

    Eventually, an officer came and the two were fully registered into ‘The collective unison of hardworking Harpers* and Harpies.*’ This was the only place were he’d be allowed to say his real name. Not the name, Harper, that he was told to say if he had ever entered another realm but instead allowed to say his real name ‘Grempeck’** Now, he would rest in his newly appointed dormitory, little knowing what tomorrow would bring.

    He would be representing the ‘West’ of the four regions in a series of events and challenges to determine which region is the most successful. Due to his past experience as a runner, he’d attempt to be a left sided sprinter for the ‘Thrasher ball’*** tournament. Of course, he’d have to hone his skills again, but he was immediately added to the team - but the coach said he was not guaranteed a place in the team - he’d have to prove himself for that.

    After, a few training sessions, it was game time against the South. The best score over two games home and away, would face the winners of North vs. the East. He did not start the game and after only 13 minutes the west were down 1 to 0, and that was the half time score. Grempeck was brought on but playing out of position in the left sided enforced blocker. Despite this he’d battle on. Then at the start of the second half it was 2-0, a bottom corner shot deceiving the west non-enforcer guard

    The west team kept fighting and 15 minutes in to the second half they scored through the right sided sprinter, he sprinted on the edge of the box and smacked a top corner goal and it was 2-1. The south’s defence was living on the edge, the West riving forward for the equaliser and got deep into the dying embers, from their other sprinter with a fabulous curved effort . It finished 2-2 and what an important game the next game was.

    It was very relaxed for the following few days. Just doing the simple jobs that everyone done, make time worthwhile and keep everyone within unison. Grempeck was never stressed, perhaps more relaxed than he had ever been before in his life. He and his best friend finally got their long wish from when they were separated, everything was going to plan. Never would he have wished for such a peaceful utopia. Then when game day arrived, he was raring to go.

    However, just as the preparations were beginning for the start of the second game, klaxons were sounded, and everyone rushed to the port. Grempeck followed as fast as he possibly could, The collective was being raided, by the Harpers and Harpies oldest foes. They would rush to their designated stations. The quadrants captain was deep in thought on how to prevent the problem and if not prevent it, to reduce it as much as possible before the collective gets damaged.

    * Harpie originates from the blend of a bird and a human, but I think Harper sounds better for a male.
    ** A name I made up, that uses all letters of my initials somewhere within it
    *** A game me an my friends made which blends basketball, football and rugby
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  5. I thought i'd make a neotopia Christmas themed blog. I couldn't make a poem as I have had to focus upon other things but here goes the jingle!

    On the 12th day of Neo-mas We all
    - Saw 12 tricks by the magical @UncleSpun
    - Had 11 christmas nuts pinched open by @GreyNeo
    - Saw Goalkeeper_Matt make 10 football saves
    - Played 9 rounds of Tekken with @teentekken
    - Had 8 cups of coffee made by @Sam1knight
    - Read 7 writings by @dragonwoman52
    - Got help from @NeoHelper 6 times
    - Caught 5 ...golden...spunland....bunnies
    - Watched 4 of @Arwen 's videos
    - Saw @Uniquez_SLB score 3 football goals
    - Got 2 of @Tara(dx) 's Spun-Hugs
    ......and have 1 fantastic com-mun-ity!

    I hope you all enjoy this!
    Of course if you do it right you could sing it :p
  6. On the tenth of December began the winter snooker tournament combining those from all of the local area. The first round was a best of 7 and luck would have it, I would be facing the defending champion.

    As expected, my opponent stormed out of the gates taken a 2-0 lead, but a change of fortunes suddenly followed, I won a frame by a solitary point and grew in confidence.

    The game was finely poised at 3-3 going to the final frame, I had unexpectedly fluked a snooker, the red bounced back and hit the white directly behind the blue. my opponent failed to escape without giving me an easy pot and I managed to seize control. I won the final frame 69-31.

    Unfortunately my friend couldn't watch so there are no videos of this game that can be made to GIFs
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  7. This is for you @GreyNeo , sorry about it being one day late

    Happy anniversary on your appointment, Grey, make sure to have a great day;
    I'm sure there are many others will say the same thing in their own way;
    Celebrate with us, the neo family that has decided to stay.

    Thank you, the manager of our family community.
    We shall reward you in unity.

    It is with your help, that we have been able to forge the family like bond;
    So peacefully, like a duck swimming in a pond.

    This one of these days, a special one, to celebrate a great achievement;
    This is this rhyme concluded, and the message well and truly sent.
  8. CHAPTER ONE - How it all began.

    He woke up with a very loud scream, that alerted the nearby people that he was in pain and they rushed to assist him. Crowded and uncomfortable, Harper was surrounded by unfamiliar faces, but when he soon realised they were assisting, he took a deep sigh of relief. Slowly, but surely he would regain some balance and then eventually get up onto his feet.

    His memories were very jaded, but he could significantly remember a battle between winged people and drones, himself, being one of the winged people. He came to the assumption that, he, during the battle, must have been either teleported away or he had took a shuttle that diverted itself to earth. Either way, Harper realised he lost his wings, and this terrified him.

    Again, panic would set in, until he tripped over, and a booklet fell out of his pocket. It read “Re-gain wings when lost.” The coincidence was quite unbelievable. So, he would go to the nearest park bench and begin reading with great interest. The book on the inside, was badly faded but managed to read a section at the end that read ‘deeds….regain….protect….return.’

    He had predicted that he was to do good things for people, to regain his wings, and when he had done that, to protect the people of the earth realm, for then when he had served he would return to his home realm. But this was utter solitude, no-one he knew to talk to, no food to eat or water to drink. He was badly lost.

    Then he stepped on something, a money note, giving him an urge to go to get his dinner. As he was about to start eating, he noticed a homeless man, with his child. He took the good deed, and split a one mans meal three ways, it was graciously received by the homeless family, and Harper, explained that he was without a home as well.

    They would spend the night on the bench all together, bunched up on a bench, covered by nothing but an old rug and old newspapers. Harper felt that he would of deserved to have his wings back but this was not going to be the case, the morning came, and not even a single feather had returned upon to his back.

    He would have to do more, much more he had thought to himself. Worried, that he would be stuck in this state forever. A tear trickled down his eye. Homesickness was already settling in, he couldn’t find the courage to search for another deed, he had very little hope, what hope he had, was only for survival. He returned to the bench and slept with the family again.

    In the morning he had rushed out, and try to cover as much ground to the north as possible. Looking for anything that could be classed as a good deed to do, but the further he went, he entered less civilised areas. So he returned back, very slowly, saddened that he won’t be returning to his old self.

    But on the return he found something that if he intervened correctly could class as another good deed. He saw two big people harassing a small person. Harper, put up the courage, and shouted “Take on someone your own size.” They went to Harper and started fighting him. The small person managed to escape, but Harper was well and truly defeated.

    About half an hour after the incident, Harper got up, in a lot of pain and headed to the bench where he had been sleeping again. He was badly wounded. There was blood coming from his stomach so he sacrificed his scarf. To cover the wound. All be it, at the expense of a freezing neck. He got there at 1am, and gone to his sleeping position.

    Well, he tried to sleep but this time he couldn't. The little girl had the same problem, so they talked in whispers throughout the night. Harper didn't realise what he had said about himself sent the girl to a relaxed sleep. Now he had to stay awake alone, as the rubbish kept swaying around with the wind, he put his hands on his chin, stressed.

    In the morning, the insomnia lead to him fainting. As help rushed to aid once again, a bright light began to shine from his back. Everyone slowly backed away, except for the girl who was intrigued by it all. His wings appeared on to his back. He woke up and started to fly. His deeds section was well and truly complete.
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  9. After getting his dad out of jail, he returned himself to his home in Artoun, got comfortable on the armchair, and just relaxed, watched the sunset and then fell in to slumber. He, later woke up with the time at 2am. There was nothing he could do. He was far too awake to sleep again. His T.V only had channels that stayed on until midnight.

    He would resort to using his laptop, for the time being. Careful, not to wake his neighbours up, he put music on with his earphones plugged in. When it was 9am, he felt sleepy so made a very strong coffee and then went to do his daily business.

    Later that day he would see Raima, again, she pointed out a club poster, that she could join, with Matt also eligible. Matt read it and found out that Elvin and Sull were both eligible too. It was called “The Splint Serene.” He was uncertain if it was such a good idea with the vagueness of the poster, the location, and the name of it didn’t sound at all appealing.

    Despite this, he made an agreement, that he would go, only if Elvin and Sull went along also. Raima, perhaps against her will, grudgingly accepted, as if she wanted just the two of them to go.

    So, he called Elvin and Sull and they both agreed to go in 2 days time. They were still recovering from minor injuries, so with the date and time set, they all agreed to meet in one location, on the day at a specific time.

    ###This is getting Cancelled here, sorry for anyone intrigued into this story. I am moving focus on a new significantly longer story called "The Harper's Tribulation". Thanks for understanding###
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  10. I have decided to find some quotes from anywhere, state their source and why I like them; cause why not.

    Some rules
    - 1 quote per person/game/line from specific song per month
    - Quotes can be added from neotopians with their consent I will pm for approval.
    - Comes out the last day of any month

    Without further ado. Off we go!

    "Lift your ears and let the crowd shout!"
    Line from Born to win by Masaya Rider. (2009)
    How this makes me feel a full sense of atmosphere on match days for my clubs, and in Neotopia it makes me feel that everyone is being listened to with up most care and attention.

    "Huddle together, and fight on!"
    My club captain Stephen (2013)
    We were 4-1 down, his short but inspirational speech gave us renewed confidence. We did lose 5-1 in the end to the eventual league champions, but we responded in the next game, but that is a differant story.

    "Just don't do anything stupid"
    My parents (many times)
    This has helped me live a calm lifestyle while enjoying myself, and best of all I know my limits now.

    "I'm focused on what I have to do. Don't get in my way"
    Line from Go to the Goal by Aimee Blackschleger (2008)
    This helps me stay determined when it is important I do so. There are so many instances of this, I couldn't possibly give one that stands out.

    Neotopia (whenever the hashtag was made)
    Unbelievably, this is perhaps one of my personal favourite quotes now. Makes me think no matter however bleak a day is, always look for a better day.
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  11. Reccomended song to listen to while reading:

    On what appeared to be a dull day; the sacred stone begins to glow;
    It gives a beam of light for all Neotopians to follow;
    A wonderful vision, yet surprisingly mellow;

    The path leads to a wonderful location;
    The long journey started from any nation;
    Whether passing a bus stop, or a train station;
    We have made it to our destination;

    We meet and greet each other in many a way;
    Handshakes, hugs, and waves. However it is done it is polite. Makes us willing to stay;
    There is nothing to pay;
    Just being together is wonderful, I say;
    And if things go right, it usually gives us a fantastic following day.

    We go to find out the place we ended up in;
    We agree to go in groups, because it was so quiet you could here a falling pin;
    A park was found, and we took it for a spin;
    We had such fun, it was like no matter what happened we were always going to win;
    I went to the store and bought a biscuit tin.

    We wanted to do something, when we got back to the centre, and re-united, during the setting sun;
    Then a lot of bunnies came, so we decide to chase them for fun;
    We chased by hopping, jumping, and a fast run.
    We all couldn't keep up, so we returned to base, but someone attacked my group with a water gun!
    And they left a strange pun

    However, all the running was exhausting, whew!
    We rest, then saw supplies, we made a wonderful stew;
    Everyone seems to like it, not just a few;
    We all have our turn of saying what we want to. Some things already known, some new.

    We all head back from where we came;
    The day definitely was not lame;
    We all hope for more of the same.
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  12. My favourite team were losing yet again, I was so annoyed I didn't want to even play with my lego. So my grandfather took me out in to town. He took me inside the local castle house, he knew I'd always wanted to. I was very disappointed as it was only a museum. Before we went home he took me to the sweet shop on the corner, bought a pack of strong mints and gave me one.

    Of course I found the taste peculiar, but he basically stated that if you have a mint with the wrapper colour of your favourite team, they'd win. Obviously, he was just saying that to make me feel better, but it gave me hope, at least. We return to my grandparents house, to find out the game was in injury time and miraculously, from 3-0 down with 15 minutes to go when left, it was 3-3 on the return.

    My granddad then said. "Quick! Pick a number between 1 and 11", I chose 6. The person who was wearing number 6 for my team that day, scored the winning goal. It was as if he read the future.
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  13. A while ago, I left my favourite quotes from a game, now I shall leave my favourite music.

    Relaxing Piece
    "Such Bonds are the true strength of this army"

    The rather unexpectedly fast but mellow background is superbly complimented by the variety of piano strokes that are mostly long, but effective in what they intend to achieve. This piece has also helped me fall asleep many times when I was struggling to sleep through stress or rage.

    Quirky Piece
    "Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" (Yes, that is the name of it)

    It is a piece of music somewhat assured to leave a chuckle, it has loads of subtle little quirky instruments playing while the main theme of it. The theme isn't quirky as such, but it is the secondary instruments where the laughs come from in my opinion.

    Adventurous Piece
    "Here we are! The shepherds garrison"

    The fast pace and the trumpets blowing like a castle theme gives this song a true feeling of epicness. It gets me mentally prepared for whatever the day has for me!

    Piece when tasked.

    This makes me feel determined to do something, and it gives me a real feel of teamwork, however if you have not played the game, you may not feel that way. Anyway, it helps me more focused when doing something as it is some what a direct blend of relaxing music and epic music.

    Emotionally beautiful piece

    "Shh... Easy now, girl, I won't hurt you"

    This music is very mellow which is great for relaxing or uplifting spirits. I was awed at this music the first time I heard it, showing the games calm side, as all tracks before it were either epic or quirky, either way this almost had me in tears, in a good way.

  14. I'm struggling to adapt my originals so here's a non-fiction story of unison.

    My friend Lewis and I, played in the garden together, we had a feeling we would lose but we didn't care. The game we were playing was more important to us than the Scotland game in the evening. Anyway our families, were always opposing eachother, but I proposed we watch it together. Redundantly they accepted.

    As expected France dominated the first 45 minutes, Scotland registering one shot on target during the entire first half that was blocked by a fellow Scotland player, all hoped seemed lost for a victory.

    Then, with 25 minutes remaining, a centre-back comes up for a corner, and nicks it in past the goalkeeper and defender, up went the families alcoholic beverages, in a celebration.

    The closer it got to full time, the more anxious it was getting. France dominating, Scotland defending with 5 defenders. The Scotland goalkeeper making save after save, and when he was finally beaten the France player was offside.

    After what felt like a year, the referee put an end to the game. Handshakes were shared all around, we couldn't believe that we had beaten the world cup finalists from two months earlier. The families were back on the same page. Within two minutes, Lewis and I were playing again.

    Before we could start one on one, everyone was wanting to play. Football fever had return to the small area I played in. It was such a sight to see. We made our teams, and decided to play until we had to go inside, as instructed by our parents.

    We lost count so we agreed to make it a draw.

    As the Scottish rugby unions team motto goes. #AsOne.
  15. Happy 4th of July to you all.
    Enjoy the day and be sure not to fall!
    If you need me give me a call.
    I'll be here at my stall.
    Practising my foot-ball.

    In a perfect world, we unite.
    Helping each-other day and night.
    Always preventing and intervening any fight.
    Together we will see the light.
    It will be quite a sight