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Does MadMunki plan to work with Atom Universe?

This question was addressed in a recent developer blog entry by UncleSpun/Dave. Here is a portion of that blog that addresses this question:

" So the question first as I think that's the thing people will want to know - are we joining forces with Atom to make Atom Universe? Well the short answer is no. We have had a few discussions with them, indeed I know Atom fairly well, having worked with him for a number of years in a previous games job, in what now seems like another lifetime. We will continue to talk I'm sure, and I would not categorically rule out us working together at some point, but right now my inclination is to create a Spunland standalone, although our thoughts about that are barely even at the drawing board stage yet. The programmers from madmunki have just embarked on a big job for another company which is going to take up most of their time for a while, and the majority of my time is still taken up working with Pixelhero on their Eisenhorn game."

This excerpt is from a March developer blog entry and is still where MadMunki stands: http://neotopia.co/community/blog-entry/things-and-stuff.90/
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