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Neotopia Suggestion Family club

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ashley, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley Fabulicious

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    A club where you can choose your role in the family and then whomever is invited to your club and accepts can be assigned a role in your family. Like, I make a club and I am the mom, I can choose who is my husband, son, daughter etc... Lol this sounds stupid af I know, but fun too. There can be great grandparents,,12th cousins, step moms, you can get divorced, people in your family can pass away (leaving or being removed from club) since they're gone you can now adopt a new kid. And you can choose your kids ages too and whatever age is chosen they will be shrunk down or adjusted to the proper height lol ( only while in the clubhouse). You can ground your kids too but they can unground themselves if they go and pick up trash or dust the window sills) cause I ain't got time for that when I have ten kids. Also if your husband comes back drunk or was cheating you can move his bed to the couch for the night cause who wants to deal with that? Not me! Oh and if your kids were bad you can only have them wear the outfit you choose, so probably prison uniforms or something like that and if little Susie isn't following orders you need the option to take her phone away because she won't be doin nunna that on my watch nuh uh she gon learn today! So we basically need all of this to happen like the second week of Neotopia. I would pick the first week but I'm being generous like it can't get better than that. Who's with me
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  2. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    That would be really cool to have
    just set people ranks of your choosing, but how bout we type the ranks instead of having inputted default ones already :) of course it'll be moderated so no one puts inappropriate stuff :happy:
  3. JasonReso

    JasonReso Resident citizen

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    I'm with you Ashley. Sounds very fun. :cool:
  4. Craziichachi

    Craziichachi PSN ID:shoty_kllz

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    I love this suggestion, great idea im in:thumbsup::lol:

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