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Granzela and Lockwood.

Discussion in 'Currency & Shopping' started by ElizabethandAlex4ever, Feb 26, 2015.


Do you think it is possible to see granzella and Lockwood in neotopia?

Poll closed Mar 6, 2015.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. ElizabethandAlex4ever

    ElizabethandAlex4ever New Member

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    Hey guys and girls. This is only wishful thinking. But Lockwood and granzella were my favorite companies to buy from in PlayStation home. Wouldn't it be cool to see them in neotopia as well? What are your thoughts? Do you think it would be possible to see them in neotopia?
  2. TeddyBearz

    TeddyBearz Atom Universe Backer

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    Neotopia has been Cancelled, Check out Atom Universe and Nebula on FB,You tube, Google there forums
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  3. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    Sadly Neotopia is not going to be coming out anytime soon go check out UncleSpuns Blogs and keep up to date. Neptopia is cancelled sadly, and this would've been awesome to see them on neotopia. :)
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  4. GreyNeo

    GreyNeo Neotopia Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

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    Hiya ElizabethandAlex, Welcome to the neotopia forums, it's good to see you here! =^)

    Sadly at this time, as @TeddyBearz and @NeoHelper have said ( ty guys! =^)) neotopia's development has come to a stop. You can read more information in this entry on Dave/UncleSpun's blog to find an explanation.

    It would've been great to see these two developer's in neotopia, but LKWD has Avakin (mobile game) that their working on and GZ has moved on to other games as well. One of the goals of neotopia would've been to get as many developers as possible in neotopia. We wish all the Home devs the best in their future endeavors!

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