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Discussion in 'Avatars & Interactions' started by Tallcaligirl_63, Oct 10, 2014.

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  1. iNocturnal

    iNocturnal everything is so temporary

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    Just to cut it short , everything can't be perfect . There will always be people who lie , just face it and let the fact that these things are just matter of the inevitable . People who want to lie about who they're or switch genders , let them , like sky blue said if they feel most comfortable leave it and respect their view . Gender switching will come in handy when making videos and suppose you accidentally switch a gender you're not ... The case of permenant decisions always tend to backlash so keep it free for people to choose thanks .
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  2. Abiatha

    Abiatha Petrolhead

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    Like I said on another post, I ended up making a male avatar because some outfits weren't available for females or looked terrible on the small female avi frame (eg the star wars ones). But then I found using the male avi so liberating - not being hit on every minute in the hub spaces allowed me to enjoy looking around without being harrassed. And BTW I got hit on just as much in my neck-to-knee Hogwarts winter uniform as I did in any skimpier female clothing! If I play as a female character or male character in a game, there's not that much difference to being on Home and playing as either one from my own perspective. I definitely use my female much more than the male but at least I have a choice, and I can also be a wolf, dragon, koala, non-biological lifeform, or whatever I like. But I would never deliberately set out to deceive anyone like so many other people do on Home. The fact that my male avi, who I think looks devilishly handsome, hasn't been hit on speak volumes about how many males there must be on Home, lol. Maybe there should be a warning given when you first sign up to a virtual world about being aware of gender switching. I certainly didn't realise for a very long time (I am still so naive) but when I did know I didn't mind.
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  3. interceptor_maxx

    interceptor_maxx Mad Max

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    I checked....there is in fact only 9 women on Home. The rest are dudes and dudes dressed as women. :D :D
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  4. Tubifex-90

    Tubifex-90 Home Addict ^_^

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    I guess it depends on what spaces you go , how you act and how your avi looks. I'm using a female avi all the time on Home and I hardly get hit on...
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  5. Mikasa Elly

    Mikasa Elly New Member

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    I honestly feel people should be able to choose what gender they want to be. For instance I am a girl and play as a girl avatar on home, but sometimes it's fun to change it up and play as another gender. It's not permanent, since I do like dressing like a girl.
  6. Lovefrosting

    Lovefrosting Prettycure

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    Guys why dont you just not make the game gender locked. I understand people want to express tbemeselves and people have the right to look why does they have to be male or female. Why don't u have just sets of bodies u can choose and mold yourself to look how you want. I'm gender fluid I feel like a girl sometimes but then I feel like a guy. I was so mad I couldn't buy the cute outfits for guys because they was limited so I had to buy some for girls Id like to make a dude be able to wear guy and girl clothes. Let people have the ability to wear want. And cloths shoudlenrt be gender restricted. :) then everyones happy. If you have a problem with freedom of expression this isn't the game for you that is all I have to say about this post.
  7. GreyNeo

    GreyNeo Neotopia Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

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    Thank you all so much for participating in the discussion and for the suggestions over the past few months! Really fascinating to see all the different points of view. Due to neotopia's development being stopped at this time, this thread will be locked to avoid any further confusion about the status of the project.

    More info can be found about the decision to stop the development of neotopia at the link below.

    Thank you all again, so much, we appreciate all of you =^)
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