Community Update – January 2015


Greetings neotopians!

Welcome to the new year! The year of neotopia! This is our 1st community update of 2015! We hope you made it through the holidays well and are having a wonderful 2015 so far. This update is to inform you of the changes the community will undergo and what to expect in the very near future. Our community is growing everyday! We have just hit 800 registered
members on our forums, and over 600+ Twitter followers. Thank you! We are grateful for your support and working hard everyday to honor that support.

As you may have read in UncleSpun’s blog, we are in need of moderators for our forums – our temporary home. Our 3 original moderators are no longer with us. In every new endeavor there will be areas where improvement is needed and a learning curve is expected. To help facilitate this, we will be increasing the amount of communication with the new mods. We have completed a moderation selection process before with mixed reactions. We are learning from the missteps of the previous selection process in order to make this as smooth of a transition as possible this time.

For our forums we are looking for 3 moderators – they will be determined as 1 selected and 2 voted in by the community. We heard the community’s feedback from last time with some community members saying they were not happy that mods were voted in. We took that into consideration and that is one of the reasons we have decided to bring on 1 mod without voting, based solely on their history with the PS Home community and merit. We take all opinions, comments, criticism and praise into account and learn from the past when making decisions that affect the current and future neotopia. We have decided that we will hold the selection process in the manner described below over a 2 week period to gather a pool of candidates for the community to then vote on:

1) As we need someone to step in quickly and ideally want someone on the mod team with lots of previous forum experience, we have reached out to someone we know – a well respected community member, a long time Home user and Guide. This member has selflessly helped the PS Home community, spent years in PS Home helping answer questions on the forums and helping people in world with everything from reward tasks, space tours, games and helping host events. This community member also helped the madmunki developers and Spunland community by writing the 1st comprehensive guide to Spunland. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming our new neotopia community moderator, LegoFire!

2) For those of you who would like to be a neotopia moderator, be warned it can be a thankless job. You may have to moderate friends, which can cause hard feelings and sadly, in some cases, the loss of friendships. This is sad and we wish it was not the case, but we do want everyone who steps forward to be aware that this is always a possibility. It takes a certain kind of personality to be a moderator, and a certain skill set to be a good moderator. We want the community to be aware of what is expected of neotopia moderators, because we see neotopia moderators differently than most communities see their moderators. We see our mods as guides first and foremost, active members of the community, calm with a pleasant demeanor and are able to set their personal beliefs, ideologies and bias aside during all moderation. We believe very deeply that the community has a right to reasonable freedom of speech. This does not mean the community can speak obscenely on the community’s forum, but does mean community members have a right to their own views and beliefs. As long as they stay in the guidelines provided by our forum rules, then moderation should be used as sparingly as possible and conversations with individual users should be employed to overcome issues privately.

In the near future we will be putting more of the plans and options for neotopia before the community and we will be relying on the mods to help keep debate lively and constructive. What previously were hypothetical ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ threads, will become, this is what we are planning to do and have the communities consensus on.

3) We will hold a proper vetting process over a 2 week period of time for the whole community (new members and vets) on our forums to get an idea of how this set of candidates would handle themselves. This will not only let the community know who they are voting for, but add a layer of transparency to the process. We will be asking for specific information and a brief summary of why you think you would be a good moderator. We will also need to know timezones and availability because they are key factors in running a 24 hour team.

4) We will be posting a thread entitled – ‘neotopia Moderator Position Sign Up Thread – Step 1…‘. If you would like to become a neotopia moderator, please post there explaining why you think you would be a good fit (and what time zone you are in). This thread will be open for 7 days to make sure that there is enough time for people to nominate themselves and only
***themselves***. Once the thread closes, we will then – over the course of a week – post a number of threads asking theoretical situations you may have to deal with and we would invite everyone who has put themselves forwards to post their answers in these threads. At the end of that week, we will then take a selection of those who have volunteered and post a thread for people to vote on their preferred choice of moderator.

There will be more details to share going forward. We will keep you informed as the moderation selection process begins and keep the community at the heart of this process. We will have more information regarding the progress of neotopia itself soon! ( maybe even some pics) Keep an eye on UncleSpun’s blog for that news!

Thank you everyone for your time and I look forward to seeing you on the forums soon!


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Community Update: There’s More to Admin Than a Name

Carla Tech Admin

Greetings neotopians!

This past weekend marked the bittersweet 6 year anniversary of PlayStation Home. In that time we’ve seen many changes since the early days of Home. In the beginning, we saw very little new content on a regular basis, and the anticipation of new items was beyond a kid waiting for Christmas morning! A few things became apparent very quickly as new content and issues arose. Chief among them, a place was needed where a PlayStation Home fan could go to get the latest information and stay informed., one of , if not the biggest PS Home fan sites, sprang up to help people connect, and has stood the test of time with Home and its various inhabitants. The founder of YPSH is Carla Birch…

In the last several weeks, the neotopia forums have moved to a new software format. In that time, we have all had to adopt and adapt to a new home. One person has lead the technical charge to our new forums and shown us all – with no fee charged for time and talent – a better way to run our community’s temporary home. Attentively and patiently teaching everyone the new features on our site, helping everyone to learn the new software, set up our awesome media gallery and Shoutbox, add or delete features like the community member suggested snow you see now on our forums.

After 17 years of being involved with websites and after years of running one of the largest PS Home fan sites, Carla Birch had wanted to step away from website activities. But her belief and passion for the neotopia project was clearly seen when she offered to help with the technical aspects of setting up the website. Going as far as to donate the forum software, her time, and efforts to ensure that ran smoothly. Carla embodies the true spirit of neotopia in her decision to not only devote her time, but her resources, to help make neotopia a reality. Carla may have stepped away from the majority of aspects of running a website and forum, but we are thankful, proud and would like to officially introduce to the community, the extremely talented and capable Carla Birch as our Technical Admin on!

There is more to Admin than a name. All of us on the neotopia team would like to thank Carla for her time, care and attention to making our forums, a special place for all neotopians! We hope the community appreciates your sacrifices and efforts as much as we do! We are very proud and grateful to have you on our team, and hope all of our members enjoy the new forums!

Thank you so much Carla, we could not have done it without you!

Happy Holidays to you all!


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Community Update: Brick by Brick

Hail neotopians!

We come to you this morn with a new community update and some news to share, more on that soon!

There is no specific or set direction to building a new virtual world from the ground up. There are few building blocks you must have to better your chance of making the vision into reality. neotopia has a vision, a plan, a team and most importantly, the glue that binds us all, the community. The brick we don’t have ample of, is funding.

The hunt for funding is going slowly. So considering this maybe one of the longest phases of the project – we’ve started trying to make neotopia on own, in our spare time – we’ll show stuff as soon as we can and will be wanting to get the communities’ feedback on the direction it will develop. We will continue to look for funding, but as we have none right now, we are having to also take on contract work to pay the bills, which means it’s slow going (for folks who want to know, we should hear about sales of the apt next month). If we don’t find funding, then we’ll seek to publish a very stripped down version of the original plan once it’s in a state to do that, but we will keep everyone in the loop to as great a degree possible – we want neotopia to happen somehow!

The last 4 days of PlayStation Home’s store being open is sadly upon us. Between now and December 3rd is the remaining time to purchase the Neotopia Hub Apartment, so you may have a piece of neotopia in Home for the remainder of it’s life cycle. In this apartment, there are surprises you’ve come to expect from madmunki and the neotopia team. We had a wonderful time watching and participating in the forums as the first users hunted in every direction for this or that special surprise. The feeling of accomplishment we see in your postings are inspiration enough to keep going and make this new world as special as we can. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the fun with us on our new forums! has undergone a complete overhaul! The new forums have been up and running for a little over a week now! We’re fine tuning it every chance we see a opportunity to help serve the community better. The new forums are clean, streamlined and offer a huge amount of new features to encourage the community to express their ideas, suggestions, grievances and post pictures and videos in a proper media gallery. The images and videos the community has posted so far, amaze us. It really is what keeps the community spirit in tact and thriving. One of the many incredible things about our community is how much fun we have when we get together! We have a new way to communicate with each other instantly, and live, and I must say- it can be a lot of fun! The Shoutbox is one of the new features on . We held a Q&A this past Wednesday and had a great time listening to the community’s ideas and suggestions on how they would like us to proceed and what they want to see in neotopia in the future. We will continue to hold Shoutbox Q&A’s to help keep the community talking and engaged, so that even if you are unable to attend our flag events or in world Q&A’s, we always have a place for you, where your voice will be heard. It is a fun new way for us to stay connected, and let the community know about the latest happenings about neotopia and our community events.

The neoflag flying events were postponed this week for the Thanksgiving holiday observed by many in our community. They will return next week, and this is where you come in! We need to make some changes to the way we schedule our events to allow more time for the creation of neotopia. Head over to our forums to vote about the future events schedule and let us know how you feel about the choices we’ve presented. As always, we’re open to suggestions! Let us know what you think!

In closing, brick by brick is how we’re going to hopefully build a secure, level foundation for the dream that is neotopia. We want this as much as you do! Head to our forums and help build the foundation stronger by casting your votes and tell us how you think we should schedule our weekly events!

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for your continued support and patience. Have a great weekend!

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Community Rebirth!


Hail neotopians! Today heralds something of a rebirth for the neotopia community. We are pleased to announce the long awaited forum rules, you should be able to see these now on the Forum home page. A big thank you to those who have contributed and if anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to raise them.

We are also thrilled to announce our community moderators, thank you to everyone who took part both as candidates and in the voting. Without further ado here are our neotopia Community Moderators:

Seminole, Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO, XxguthiX

Just so you all know, the final decision involved a combination of the votes and the time zones of the candidates – we would have been happy for any of those nominated to become moderators. Ultimately the moderators are there to make sure that the forum rules are adhered to and to help guide discussion in the most constructive way (they do not have access to your IP addresses btw!). We are aware that people have strong feelings about moderation, but please bear in mind that the moderators are doing this voluntarily and that in a truly significant way the forums represent neotopia to the world; as we seek to raise the funds to make this communal dream a reality it is entirely likely that interested parties will look to the forums to see what it is all about, we need the support of all of you to ensure that when they browse  they see that this is a community they want to put money behind.

We are also pleased to announce that we have selected GreyNeo to become the neotopia Community Manager. GreyNeo has been a steadfast supporter of neotopia since day one and will continue to help us spread the good word. We trust that you will support GreyNeo’s endeavours and continue to do the fantastic work you have done so far.  Here’s what GreyNeo has to say:

Hiya and Good afternoon/evening to the neotopia community!  I’m GreyNeo,  I’m the new neotopia community manager. First I’d like to thank the neotopia team for offering me this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to help expand our community and help bring neotopia to life. This will be learning experience for us all, heading into uncharted territory. I have met many members of our community in Home. For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet, I look forward to meeting you and working together to find new ways of growing our community and neotopia itself.

I will be helping to promote neotopia through various social media channels; FB, Twitter, etc and soon more to come! I will of course be at our events and talking with the community on a regular basis thru postings on our various sites and our forums. I can’t wait to get to know you all better and I’m very excited about the rebirth of the community and the future of our neotopia! =^) Hope you all have a wonderful week and remember always,


As you may have noticed we have managed to make the forums look a little less ‘default’ and a bit more neotopian (thanks to all parties for their input!), however we are thinking about moving over to what we believe is a more suited forum type. As you have all given so much of your time already to these forums we will not do so without your say and so a vote on this and more specific details can be found right here.

Finally other news for this week: The Neotopia Hub Apartment will go on sale on Wednesday, we will be posting much more about this very soon, but know that this is the final commercial publish on PlayStation Home and that it will only be available to purchase until the 3rd of December after which there will be no new content. As the Apartment comes with the flags and t-shirts, and is available in the EU we will finally be able to have a flag flying event in the EU! Can’t wait! More info on the event and polling will go live on Tuesday.

Ok that’s way more than enough for now, hope to see you on the forums and flying the neoflag in PSH! Have a fantastic week folks!


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Community Update Part 1




Happy Friday neotopians, we are appointing some moderators from the community in order to make the forums a more organised, friendly and peaceful place to be. We have selected several candidates from the forum community and, in keeping with the spirit of neotopia, we want you to vote for your preferred candidate(s). This is not a popularity contest so please vote for the people that you think are most qualified for the job. You will have until midnight on Sunday to cast your vote.

We will have some more community news for you this coming Monday so watch this space.

The candidates are (in no particular order):






Also Big Thanks to everyone who made it along to the neoflag flying event in PSH on Wednesday night, that was fun! We’ll be doing these events every Wednesday from now on, you can get involved in where we do them on the forums right here.


Next Wednesday should also see the release of the Neotopia Hub Apartment in both NA and the EU and as the apartment comes with the flags and t-shirts we’ll finally be bringing the flag frolicking fun to the EU too. Have a great weekend!

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Embrace Tomorrow

Hail Neotopians!

With have decided to close the Kickstarter with just hours to spare because the journey to neotopia does not end here even if the kickstarter does. Before getting on to the much demanded Plan B, please let us say:

Big love to all of you who supported neotopia, we may not have had enough people to hit the KS goal but the support, commitment and ingenuity of the neotopians we have has at times been overwhelming! Thank you all so much!

So what now? Well we’re doing all the things that have been suggested, looking for investment, sponsorship, maybe even more crowd funding. Another avenue which was suggested by the community is the selling of neotopia items in Home itself – and we’re pleased to announce that is what the image above is – a neotopia Hub Apartment. It was delivered to Sony yesterday and although it still has to jump through various official hoops and tests it should hopefully be available to purchase in a couple of weeks. More news on that as it happens.

One of the many fun things from the campaign has been doing all of the Q&A sessions and flying the neoflag events – this we intend to keep doing, every Wednesday from now on , and we’ll do them in the EU too after the neotopia Apartment is launched. We’ll open a vote shortly on the forums for where next week’s event should take place. The LBP one was special! Talking of the forums – over the next few days we will be on there as much as possible to answer your questions.

We won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on us – tomorrow isn’t over yet.

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neotopia community Q&A: Part 1

We’ve collated the best and most frequently asked questions across Kickstarter and our forums to bring you this video Q&A from the team. Enjoy!

Your question not answered? We’ve got a part 2 on the way on Monday…

Thanks again for all your support so far — and any other questions, let us know at any time.

The neotopia team.

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Hello, greetings and salutations! This is blog post has one very specific purpose: To outline our pledge – our promise – to the already thriving neotopia community.

We’re under no illusions about the size and scope of the project we are undertaking. Virtual Worlds are huge, sprawling, complex things – and we do not possess the resources of a large corporation…

We know Virtual Worlds, though. We’ve got years of experience developing for them, and being a part of them. We know what makes them a fun place to be. We know what people like about them, and we know what people don’t. We know because we’ve been in the very same boat as you.

Above all this, we know what virtual worlds could be, with the right nurture.

So here is our pledge to you, about the world we hope to bring to life with your aid.

- We promise to listen – we might be developing this world, but you are creating and shaping it. We intend to listen to your suggestions and comments and make neotopia a world shaped by the voice of its community

- We promise to react – if something is broken or not working, we’ll strive to rectify this issue for the better of the world in which we inhabit. This links closely to the first point, but emphasises the fact that neotopia will be constantly in development; constantly evolving.

- We promise transparency – in accordance with the very modern philosophy of open development, we intend to be very open and transparent about our development. This means we’ll be sharing our development plans and sprint goals with you along the way. Here’s the first, in fact!

- We’re in this together – part of the reason we’re developing neotopia is because we love virtual worlds (we’ve been working with them for a very long time) and we want this to be a reality just as much as you. Talk to us like we’re one of you – because we are.

- We promise to remain fair – there has to be a line at some point, of course. If somebody acts out of turn, or somebody makes neotopia an unpleasant place to be for another user – we’ll do whatever necessary to make neotopia a pleasant, fun and rewarding place to be. Help us make that happen.

That’s about it for now – hopefully that gives you an idea of our philosophy and mentality going into the campaign. Let us know if you have any questions, and with any luck we’ll be seeing you in neotopia very soon….

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The neotopia Kickstarter campaign is GO!

Hello! Welcome! Salutations!

If you haven’t seen already, the neotopia Kickstarter campaign is now live – and with it your chance to get in on the ground floor, and become a founding member of our – nay, YOUR – new virtual world.


We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: you are at the very heart of what we’re doing here. A virtual world is nothing without its inhabitants, and by bringing neotopia to Kickstarter you can be with us every step of the way. Yes, neotopia needs to be funded in order to become a reality, but arguably more important is having you on board from the word go, and helping us shape the world you want to be a part of.

Want to help us make the campaign a success? There are numerous ways you can help:

Tweet! #EmbraceTomorrow
Share on Facebook!
Join us on the forums!
Tell your friends!

You can of course also follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook – that absolutely helps the cause.

If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. This is all about the community, and we’ll be addressing your questions and suggestions in a very open way throughout the campaign. The best questions might even make it into our regular Q&A videos…

Until the next update,

The neotopia team

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