Community Update: Brick by Brick

Hail neotopians!

We come to you this morn with a new community update and some news to share, more on that soon!

There is no specific or set direction to building a new virtual world from the ground up. There are few building blocks you must have to better your chance of making the vision into reality. neotopia has a vision, a plan, a team and most importantly, the glue that binds us all, the community. The brick we don’t have ample of, is funding.

The hunt for funding is going slowly. So considering this maybe one of the longest phases of the project – we’ve started trying to make neotopia on own, in our spare time – we’ll show stuff as soon as we can and will be wanting to get the communities’ feedback on the direction it will develop. We will continue to look for funding, but as we have none right now, we are having to also take on contract work to pay the bills, which means it’s slow going (for folks who want to know, we should hear about sales of the apt next month). If we don’t find funding, then we’ll seek to publish a very stripped down version of the original plan once it’s in a state to do that, but we will keep everyone in the loop to as great a degree possible – we want neotopia to happen somehow!

The last 4 days of PlayStation Home’s store being open is sadly upon us. Between now and December 3rd is the remaining time to purchase the Neotopia Hub Apartment, so you may have a piece of neotopia in Home for the remainder of it’s life cycle. In this apartment, there are surprises you’ve come to expect from madmunki and the neotopia team. We had a wonderful time watching and participating in the forums as the first users hunted in every direction for this or that special surprise. The feeling of accomplishment we see in your postings are inspiration enough to keep going and make this new world as special as we can. Thank you for sharing your experiences and the fun with us on our new forums! has undergone a complete overhaul! The new forums have been up and running for a little over a week now! We’re fine tuning it every chance we see a opportunity to help serve the community better. The new forums are clean, streamlined and offer a huge amount of new features to encourage the community to express their ideas, suggestions, grievances and post pictures and videos in a proper media gallery. The images and videos the community has posted so far, amaze us. It really is what keeps the community spirit in tact and thriving. One of the many incredible things about our community is how much fun we have when we get together! We have a new way to communicate with each other instantly, and live, and I must say- it can be a lot of fun! The Shoutbox is one of the new features on . We held a Q&A this past Wednesday and had a great time listening to the community’s ideas and suggestions on how they would like us to proceed and what they want to see in neotopia in the future. We will continue to hold Shoutbox Q&A’s to help keep the community talking and engaged, so that even if you are unable to attend our flag events or in world Q&A’s, we always have a place for you, where your voice will be heard. It is a fun new way for us to stay connected, and let the community know about the latest happenings about neotopia and our community events.

The neoflag flying events were postponed this week for the Thanksgiving holiday observed by many in our community. They will return next week, and this is where you come in! We need to make some changes to the way we schedule our events to allow more time for the creation of neotopia. Head over to our forums to vote about the future events schedule and let us know how you feel about the choices we’ve presented. As always, we’re open to suggestions! Let us know what you think!

In closing, brick by brick is how we’re going to hopefully build a secure, level foundation for the dream that is neotopia. We want this as much as you do! Head to our forums and help build the foundation stronger by casting your votes and tell us how you think we should schedule our weekly events!

That’s all for now! Thank you so much for your continued support and patience. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Swagg_Tony_TUGA
    December 11, 2014

    Is Neotopia really happening…. and if yes, when?? :) !!

    • GreyNeo
      December 13, 2014

      Hello Swagg_Tony_TUGA, the short answer is yes, but it will take more time since the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled. neotopia is in the very early stages of development right now. We do not have release as of yet, but we will keep the community posted when we have a better idea of when. You can keep up on the latest neotopia news and project progression on our forums! We hope to see there! Thank you for your comment!

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